When Nerds Attack

Kevin Kemp was doing his normal thing, playing XBOX with a friend online who also lived just down the street.  Little did he know that same kid was about to try and murder him.

During the game while the two were talking on their headsets, an argument started and Kemp made the following invite/threat:

‘I’m like, ‘Bro, if you want to do this, come over to my house and we’ll do this right now.’

Well, the 17 year old did just that.  Except that he came with a knife and a gun.  Knocked on the door, pushed past Kemp’s mother and marched upstair to confront Kevin.  He pulled out the gun, showed Kemp the bullets in the clip by removing it and putting it back into the gun and then pointed it at Kemp and fired.  The kid somehow missed with his shot, but then pulled a knife and began to stab Kemp all over his body.  He ended up stabbing him 22 times and then fled the scene where he was later arrested.

As you can see from the pictures and video below, somehow Kemp was lucky to have a friend that is either an awful shot and doesn’t know where to stab an opponent, or is the single most accurate gun/knife assailant ever.  All 22 stab wounds missed major arteries and organs.

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A $99 Xbox? – Yes, Kinda

Xbox Live logo since 2005

It is fully expected that Microsoft will announce a Xbox360 budge package, complete with Kinect sensor and 4GB drive for only $99 starting next week.

The hitch?  You also are then tied to a monthly subscription fee of $15 for Xbox Live for two years.  Rumors are that the $15 per month will give you access to a Gold level subscription and possibly some streaming content.  There will also be an early termination fee and if you’re attempting math in your head this deal is equal to about $459 over the course of two years versus $420 if you’d just bought the $299 bundle with a two years of Gold.

Microsoft is clearly gearing up for the 360 to move well past its gaming origins and trying to make it a full service media center.  Lots of talk about a new music “Woodstock” service being rolled out later this year.  So as many ways for people to spend their money to get one, the better for Microsoft.

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New XBOX Live Dashboard *update*

**update**  It was supposed to start pushing out this morning but hadn’t at the time I’ve written this… Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb has been tweeting updates all day and you should follow him @majornelson to get the most up to the minute info..


Microsoft wants you to know that if you have an Xbox360, hold on, because you’re getting an update that they promise will make you feel like it’s a whole new console.

The new dashboard, rolling out on Tuesday the 6th, follows the largely loved Metro design seen in Windows Phone 7 and will be seen in the future Microsoft 8 OS.  Much of what was foretold at E3 looks to be coming with all new search functionality, including voice command search via Kinect and the idea that your Xbox360 is now more of a full time media hub than just a gaming device.

Full You Tube, Netflix, ESPN, UFC and other intrigation are all part of trying to get the user to stay on their Xbox when not playing, and watching media through it rather than another source.

There is also now cloud saving for Live users with Gold accounts that make it easy to move files and game progress from console to console, and a new game scheduling feature called, “Beacons”.  This allows the user to send out appointments to friends to pre-plan game playing times so going full nerd can be a fully co-ordinated event.

Be on the lookout starting tomorrow, and report back to me your thoughts and experiences…  I’m interested because believe it or not, I am still running an original XBOX360 from the day they went on sale, way back when.  Yup, never had the “ring of death” or any failures.  Not sure how.  But I wonder how well my 7-8 year old unit will play and perform with all of this new soft/hardware…

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