What An Odd Time & Place to Perform This Act

(also titled: “…But this Happened in Texas)

Police were called to a Whataburger in Porter, Texas about a man passed out at one of the tables.  When they arrived they found Howard Keith Windham trying to wake up the man by slapping him. In the course of talking to Windham, a female, Tina Marie Arie was also spoken to by cops and it was found that she had given the asleep man some of the pills that caused the man’s sleepy state, and were also part of a stash found on Windham and later in her car.

But that part of the story is boring.  It’s what happened on the way to jail that is special.

Windham and Arie were both placed in the back seat of the same police cruiser.  The officer driving noticed on way to the jail that behind him there were some odd movements in the rear-view mirror.  He then noticed he couldn’t see Arie any longer.

He called out to her and she replied that she was just tired and laid her head down in Windham’s lap.  Well, she wasn’t totally lying.

The cop pulled over and discovered that Arie was preforming oral on Windham.  Yes, despite both being handcuff, they somehow managed to get his pants unzipped and dropped so that as detailed in the police report, “Arie was servicing his exposed genitalia.”

Bravo.  BRA – VO!!!

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