Teens and their Vodka Soaked Tampons

Every generation comes up with something that shocks the generations before them.

Short skirts, rock music, break dancing, piercings, rap, tattoos, Prince, hairy armpits and James Dean all at some point over the decades were met with gasps and judgmental consideration from the adults of their associated timeline.

So, here’s my turn to go all wide-eye’d and hand over mouth…

Vodka soaked tampons in use by teen girls…

…and guys.

The idea of consuming booze in new and inventive ways have been around forever, but the idea of absorbing it via the muscus-lined walls of one’s vagina or rectum just seems so ridiculous.  Why?  To bypass the smell of booze on one’s breath?  There are a series of health issues that come with this practice beyond the consumption of hard liquor.  Certainly this has been something that isn’t new to 2011.  I have to assume that this has been practiced in some circles for a long time, but the media is picking up on this practice by teens and that will also lead to others trying it to.

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