There Goes That “Teacher of the Year” Award

The Dallas Morning News reported today that John McDaniel, a band teacher at a Colleyville Middle School has been arrested for soliciting a minor online and having an improper relationship with a student.  While this type of story pops up in the news pretty much on a daily basis, there are a couple of special notes about this one.

First, John McDaniel was listed as Teacher of the Year going into the 2013 school year as printed in a school newsletter than has since been taken offline.  And secondly, the nature of McDaniel’s relationship and actions with this teenage girl are really pretty shocking.

From the DMN blog, the girl’s brother was reportedly digging thru her Gmail account and found that she was exchanging nude pictures. He told their parents and the story unfolded from there.  The allegations date back (2010-2011) to when the girl was a student in the band that McDaniel was teaching.  She would have been 13 at the time.  She claims that the two started chatting via Facebook, sharing issues with their families and that opened the door for McDaniel to begin creepy conversations.  Starting with telling the girl he thought she was pretty, and leading to describing that he masturbated while thinking of her and asking what she looked like naked.

Because the girl was unable to send digital pics, she left one of herself nude on her own cell phone on McDaniels desk.  He returned the phone, but only after taking a picture of his junk with it and leaving it on the phone for her to find.  This began a lengthy continuous exchange of dirty pics and sexting even after the girl had moved up to the high school.  The most recent exchange happened because she’d told McDaniel that she’d also sent nude pics of herself to a boy in her school.  McDaniel asked if he could see what she had sent to the kid and as the DMN reports, that is apparently what the brother found in her Gmail account.

McDaniel submitted to a voluntary interview with police and admitted to having sexually explicit conversations with the girl and sending pictures of his instrument.  The school district made a statement today reporting that the teacher had been put on leave and had been arrested.  In the same statement it is announced that “The field trip to Six Flags tomorrow for fine arts students will take place as scheduled with administration and teacher chaperones.”

(peet: if there was ever a place for inappropriate band trips to take place, its Six Flags.  Trust me)

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When Students Find Your Porn Past

31 year old Stacie Halas has been fired from her gig as a science teacher in Oxnard, CA after some of her students found clips of her starring role in a porn movie.

Earlier this month some of her students found the movie clips online, how or why they discovered them has not been revealed, where Halas is a customer for a home pizza delivery service called “Big Sausage Pizza”.  She reportedly also appeared in other porn movies under the stage name, Tiffany Six.

She was suspended after the revelation, but this week was formally fired after a unanimous school board vote.  Halas filmed the movies before her teaching career, and did nothing illegal, but the school board found that her involvement was against the districts “moral turpitude” code.  The school was forced to monitor all online activities and encourage parents to keep children from searching the internet for the content.


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Teacher-Student To The Extreme

You have to give James Hooker credit.  He cashed in all his chips for this one.

Quitting his jobs as a high school teacher, and leaving his wife, kids and home all so he could “follow his heart” and move into an apartment with an 18 year old senior, Jordan Powers, who attended the school where he taught.

Hooker and Powers met when she was a freshman, but they contend that a relationship didn’t begin until she turned 18.  Powers’ mother, Tammy, has started a Facebook campaign,  ‘James Hooker to Jail Page’, and contends she can prove the pair have been sexually active well before the girl’s 18th birthday.  The girl moved out of her family home last week to move in with Hooker.

Police are investigating the relationship, and the couple know they’ve hurt a lot of people.  Jordan was quoted explaining her feelings about James this way, “[He’s] my best friend. I mean he’s more than just a lover”.


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Its Bad When the Teacher Bullies You

A 10 year old boy was sprayed with Febreze by his teacher after he came to school smelling like fried fish.

He did smell like fried fish because his mother had made it for his lunch, and when he returned to school the students and teacher knew it.

Christian Roberts came home that day and told him mom that the teacher left him in the hallway for a full period of school, and sprayed him down with the Febreze.  He says it started with the students laughing and teasing him over the odor.

The mother was furious, called the teacher for an apology, but she alleges that the teacher hung up on her.  The mother feels like her child was bullied by not just the students, but the teacher too.  And she’s none too happy about it: “I want her fired …I don’t want it to happen to any other child — no child deserves to go through that,”

The principal reportedly told the mother that people make mistakes and also offered no apology.

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Teaching Is A Good Way to Collect Panties

David Ettinger, 34, of Boston, is one bad man if all of these charges are true.

A popular grade school teacher, Ettinger is accused of not only owning a vast collection of child porn, but also creating it and posting it on a well known kiddie porn site, “Dreamboard”.  (peet: no, I won’t link to it you perv).  Police raided his home and found hundreds of images on his computer and a massive collection of little girl’s panties he’d stolen over the years from, “pools, locker rooms and changing areas,” said the local District Attorny.

Ettinger actually had achieved VIP status on the member-only site as someone that actually created his own videos and posted for others to see, and because of his level of activity.  They found a video of a 13 year old girl sleeping and Ettinger pulling her underwear back to reveal her genitals.  He told authorities that the girl is a daughter of a friend.

While there is no indications that any of his current or former students are his victims, parents are outraged and shocked.

He’s being held on $100,000 bail.  And his connection to the Dreamboard site will have him facing federal charges.



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Teacher-Student Double Team?

I have always loved a good “Teacher Sexing Up a Student” story, and the sad truth is there is a new one every week or so.  But here’s a twist that I haven’t yet seen.

Gay Davidson-Shpard is a retired teacher in the Huntington Beach area and was accused last spring of molesting a 17 year old boy.

But the twist is that the boy was a student in her husband’s science class and that Davidson-Shepard AND her husband had been having encounters with the boy of a year and a half period.  The two were arrested last spring and were charged with multiple felony counts, including oral copulation of a minor (oh!), sodomy of a person younger than 18 (ack!) and contributing to the delinquency of a minor (hmmm.).

Both were re-arrested last week after it was found the two were again texting the kid and calling him.

I’m not sure who’s more messed up.. The married teacher couple, or the kid for getting it on with this old bag… ick.

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