Moms & Daughters Fight Over the Weirdest Things

A Dallas mother and daughter got into a argument that triggered Dallas police responding to a “major disturbance” at the home of Sandra Mays.  Mays, 52, claimed that her daughter was attempting to attack her with a kitchen knife over a dispute about a improperly disposed used tampon.

Yes, I just typed that.

Mays claimed that she had confronted her daughter, Lasonta, after the mother had found the tampon sitting on the bathroom counter.  This upset Lasonta, who grabbed a kitchen knife and chased her mom around the house yelling “Bitch, I’m going to kill you”, until the mother was able to lock herself in a bedroom in the rear of the home.  The daughter reportedly then began to try to kick down the door to the room all while screaming, “Bitch, I am going to stab you in the middle of your fucking forehead.”

Police arrived and arrested Lasonta charged her with aggravated assault and has a previous record including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  No word if there are any pending charges for being totally gross and inconsiderate with her soiled feminine products.

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Two Words: Moldy Tampon

Yes, I know it might be the next great band name, but that isn’t the point.  Getting ready for bed last night the wife turned on the local ABC affiliate so we could begin our nightly ritual of watching the news with John McCaa and Gloria Campos.

The lead-in promo was starting and I was putting on my footy pajamas when I heard John McCaa say two words in the same sentence:

“moldy tampon”

The story was fairly interesting.  But I do have questions.

I don’t know much about tampons, other than the fact that their concept and their operation make me giggle like a 3rd grader.  But I think that I do know that you ladies normally don’t pull the cotton absorption portion from the plastic/cardboard device before implementing the tampon’s purpose in life.  Right?  I confirmed with my wife, who was equally mystified by this question: “How did this woman realize there was mold on the cotton part in the first place?”  Does she use an alternate tampon application method the same way some people eat OREOs differently from most?  Did she prematurely hit the eject button and it fell to the floor with its moldy grossness?  Did it smell funny out of the wrapper?  Ooo, did she smell the tampon first?

This is never answered in the report.  And thank goodness whatever her odd way of operating a Kotex ended up with her discovering this disturbing situation.

(ps, I have a secret crush on Gloria Campos.  I’ve watched her on Channel 8 for as long as I can remember, and now that my work shares a parking lot with her studio, sometimes I see her getting in her car and I debate if I should say hello or not.  She is my TV mom)


Tranny’s Are Offended By Tampons?

A New Zealand tampon manufacture has caused a ruckus over a TV commercial that shows a woman establishing her real gender over a man, in the same public bathroom dressed as a woman, by brandishing a tampon – a product the cross dresser/transgender obviously doesn’t have a use for.

The drag queen leaves in a huff and the company, Libra, Facebook page is flush with complaints, “I’m not sure what is more disgusting, the blatant transphobia or the inclination that a period is what defines a woman’s femininity,” and, “Having an advertising campaign where some snooty-nosed woman is going to resort to whipping out her feminine hygiene product in the face of someone who doesn’t have a menstrual cycle therefore rendering her a winner, maybe was in bad taste and poor form.”

Wow, people are sensitive, I thought it was funny…

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Teens and their Vodka Soaked Tampons

Every generation comes up with something that shocks the generations before them.

Short skirts, rock music, break dancing, piercings, rap, tattoos, Prince, hairy armpits and James Dean all at some point over the decades were met with gasps and judgmental consideration from the adults of their associated timeline.

So, here’s my turn to go all wide-eye’d and hand over mouth…

Vodka soaked tampons in use by teen girls…

…and guys.

The idea of consuming booze in new and inventive ways have been around forever, but the idea of absorbing it via the muscus-lined walls of one’s vagina or rectum just seems so ridiculous.  Why?  To bypass the smell of booze on one’s breath?  There are a series of health issues that come with this practice beyond the consumption of hard liquor.  Certainly this has been something that isn’t new to 2011.  I have to assume that this has been practiced in some circles for a long time, but the media is picking up on this practice by teens and that will also lead to others trying it to.

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