“Look At My Man-Gina”

Meet David Schwanke, 36, of Orange County, CA.

David is in jail after being subdued in a bedroom where the woman of the house awoke to find him lying on the floor next to her bed touching her.  The husband got into a fight in the bedroom with Schwanke and held him until police arrived.

The even more odd part to this story is that Schwanke is the same guy that this couple had kicked out of their home during a Halloween party.  Schwanke reportedly had just wandered into the party, without an invitation, caused some problems and upon being kicked out, dropped his pants and told the crowd to, “Look at my man-gina”.  He then ran off and no one reported it to the cops.

Two weeks later he’s back in the same house, this time in the middle of the night feeling up the wife while she’s sleeping.

Now he’s in jail, where he is familiar with a list of offenses ranging from DUI, assault, and drug possession.

But, if your last name is “Schwanke”, aren’t you kinda doomed to a life of trouble?

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