911 Is Not a Sex Line

Clyde Dorain Hobbs, 72, was really, really horny last Saturday.

Hobbs allegedly called 911 at least 17 times, and while he’s been arrested before for calling 911 that was for being “very belligerent and rude”.  Saturday, Hobbs called 17 times to talk to emergency operators with sex talk.  Each time he called Hobbs made sexual comments or tried to strike up a sexual conversation.  When police arrived Hobbs wife answered the door and he asked if they were there to “arrest me again?”  This is the third time Hobbs has been arrested for making excessive calls to 911.

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No, The Moon Is Not Crashing Into Earth

Beginning at 11:35pm EDT on Saturday (May 5), the moon will be full and will also look its biggest as it will all year.  For some of you, this is not a result of any drugs or drinking, it’s actually that big.

This full moon phase coincides with its closest distance from the Earth, 221,802 miles, and will give anyone and everyone a spectacular view of a giant and bright moon.  In fact astronomers call it a “super moon”.

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Rube Goldberg Self Injury #1

Larry Godwin must really hate raccoons.

Saturday morning in Redfield, IA Godwin went out and found a raccoon in his live trap.  While intending to kill the raccoon in the cage, when he fired his .22 caliber handgun the shot ricocheted off the cage and struck him in the upper thigh.

This caused Godwin to drop the gun, where it fired again as it hit the ground, shooting another bullet into almost the same spot as the first injury.

He was taken to a local hospital where his injuries were deemed non-life threatening, but certainly a pride killer.


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Dallas Cars & Coffee 2/4/12

This morning was a cold, but beautiful day for Cars & Coffee.  If you don’t know about these events, they are just massive get togethers of car lovers of all kinds.  These events can be found all over the country, but in Dallas they are the first Saturday of each month at Classic BMW in Plano.  Today was an amazing turnout with everything from a McLaren, to the new Fiskers four doors, an old Land Rover, new Ferrari 459, to an Aventador.  Plus a tremendous collection of classic cars and other awesome sleds.

There was actually an accident, as told to me 3rd hand, that a woman in a maroon Camero SS had a seizure and ran into a blue Z06 Corvette, which pushed it into another Z06, this one yellow… There are a few pics of the aftermath… No word on the woman’s condition, but I can tell you the owners of the two ‘vettes was in terrible mental condition.


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