I Could Watch This 1,735 More Times

This video first came from NASA, and it was awesome to watch the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, but this one comes from a fan and he has painstakingly pieced together all of the individual shots and enhanced it into a real-time HD version…  Bard Canning is his name, and he’s gifted us with this beauty.

Ultra-resolution, smooth-motion, detail-enhanced, color-corrected, interpolated from the original 4 frames per second to 30 frames per second. This video plays real-time at the speed that Curiosity descended to the surface of Mars on August 6, 2012.

People.  This is not computer graphics.  This is Mars.   1000’s of individual pics pieced together to show a human built machine, landing on Mars.

And you are watching it.  Seriously wrap your head in duct tape before it blows while watching.

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Literally, Watch the Mars Landing. Really.

CURIOSITY ROVER - Now on planet Mars.

Seriously, I don’t care if you think space is gay.

This video should make your head hurt and whip your mind into a frenzy of “how in the hell do we pull this stuff off?”

This is the video of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing on the surface of Mars.  Yes.  Read that sentence again people.  This is a high-definition of the damn thing landing.  on the.  surface.  of … MARS!!!  This is actual images.. This is not a computer graphic simulation.

Plus you get to hear the excitement and relief in the voices and background noise of the NASA engineers and smarty-pants that pulled this off.

Millions of miles, crazy speeds, unknown potential mission ending obstacles, a decimal improperly placed in the code, a bolt that shakes loose in travel just enough that it doesn’t meet the needed spec to perform properly… take all of that and multiply it by 10 million – and you might begin to approach the difficulty level of what is achieved here.

Watch the video.  Be proud.  Be amazed.  We did this.

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Watch Robot From Earth Land on Mars!


**update**  Curiosity landed successfully at 1:32am est this morning.  Everything went as planned and images were sent back not long after the landing.  Yes that is the surface of Mars and the part of one of the rover’s wheels in the image to the right.  The craft will now undergo a couple of weeks of full testing to insure it landed without damage before heading off for it’s planned two year exploration of the Gale Crater and Mt. Sharp.  In 2006 the Opportunity and Spirit rovers (much smaller) were landed on Mars with only tended short life spans.  But the Spirit operated until the fall of 2011 and Opportunity continues to operate today.


Space exploration is cool.  And tonight you will be able to watch an event about as nail-biting as any summer blockbuster could ever hope to be.

Starting at 11:30pm est you will be able to watch the event via a couple of different ways that I will get to in a second.  First, here’s what’s up.

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover is making its final approach and at about 1:30am est Monday morning will touch down, if all goes as planned/hoped, at the base of the Gale Crater.  The crater is 3 billion years old and was formed when a meteor slammed into the planet creating a massive dent in it’s surface.  What makes the Gale such a curiosity for scientists is the formation of a giant mountain inside the crater.  Mt. Sharp is a 3 mile high formation that is so large that some of its peaks actually extend above the rim of the crater.  This is a wondrous curiosity as most craters have some sort of formation in the center, but not typically of this size.

So later tonight and this coming morning Curiosity will complete a 350 million mile mission that started last November.  But how it is going to land is a fascinating adventure in itself.  In seven short minutes the rover will go from hurtling at 13,000 miles per hour to landing softly on the planet’s surface.  Using a four stage landing system that ends with a “sky crane” the rover will be able to land in a very specific area that will save it valuable time from having to traverse the surface to get to a specific location.  The sky crane is exactly what it sounds like and the video below really does a far better job of explaining all of that, albeit rather melodramatically, than I can.  Watch it… It’s worth your time.  It’s amazing.

Anyway, you can watch this online via several different ways.. Online on UStream, or from one of many viewing parties from around the country, or even if your in NYC hanging out in Times Square as it will shown on the giant screens there.  One of the cooler ways for those of you with an XBOX 360.  NASA has teamed up with Microsoft to put a dashboard on the main page of XboxLive where there will be quizzes and details and finally a live video feed of the event from NASA TV.  You can even listen in via the TuneIN mobile app.   The rover has its own Twitter feed @marscuriosity as well as a Facebook page.

This is an amazing feat of human engineering.  The fact that we won’t even know if it’s successfully landed or not for about seven minutes after whatever happens is harrowing.  The idea that the smallest miscalculation or unplanned event could ruin years of planning, months of travel and billions of dollars is mind-bending.

Watch it, they don’t make movies this thrilling.



Space Performance Anxiety

Falcon 9 launches with first Dragon spacecraft

The job of the space-launch-announcer-person must require them to be on some sort of valium or downers…

Saturday morning the first foray into a private company attempting to launch a craft into space with the intention of docking with the International Space Station was supposed to happen, but it didn’t.  “SpaceX” is a mission to push the Dragon capsule, filled with supplies and tests up to the ISS, dock with it, and return to Earth.  It’s unmanned, and comes at a considerably smaller cost than what NASA used to do this same thing for.  But Saturday was the third attempt, and when it failed, literally at the last half-second, it continued the arguments that space exploration, travel and service should be left to governments.

But for our entertainment, watching the failed launch video is some pretty good comedy if only because of the announcer’s completely muted response after his full countdown…and then nothing.

The next attempt will come in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  Maybe the fourth time is a charm.  *update*  the rocket did successfully launch this morning (Tuesday)

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New UFO Mystery

A UFO conspiracy dude has posted a video from the final NASA shuttle mission and asks if NASA caught on video three UFOs.

The video is really slow and uninteresting, but as the site mentions if you FF to about the 4:00 mark you’ll see the camera pan up in the blue sky and clearly see three white spots in that all too conspiratorial triangle formation.  They move together and the narrator, as the camera follows, tells the viewer that they are reflections.

Of course that sets off the UFO community.  Best parts are the comment section at the bottom of the linked story and the YouTube page the video is sourced from.

So watch it for yourself and prepare for alien invasion.


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Sun Spunk May Get On You

IN SPACE - JANUARY 23:  In this handout from t...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The sun ejected the largest blast of energy and particles since 2005 and all of it is headed towards Earth.

Monday NASA filmed the sun emitting a massive ultraviolet flash that combined with an eruption on the surface.  Sometime this morning the solar flares particles will hit the Earth and may cause certain flights to be rerouted, effect cellular communication, disrupt satellites in orbit and other communication interruptions.  It will also place more radiation on people, especially those in higher elevations, but not enough to be harmful – like say melt skin…

So if you lose your cell connection, this time it may just not be AT&T’s fault.

See how solar flares, sun storms and huge eruptions from the sun work in this infographic.
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration


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The Emergency Test & Astroid Are Totally Coincidental

Today, asteroid YU55 will whizz by Earth at a mere 200,000 miles, closer than the Moon.  Eggheads promise there is no chance of a collision or it effecting tides, Werewolves or a melding of universes (like in Fringe!).  Nope, just a chance to watch an aircraft carrier sized rock fly by with the aid of a 6-8 inch telescope.

But on a completely unrelated, coincidental note, the Emergency Alert System will be fired off nationwide, on all TV and Radio stations at 2pm Eastern time.  So, be one of those in the know and have fun with those that are ignorant of the test and totally freak out, run in circles or ask the hot girl in your office to, “have sex before the earth ends”.

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