One Great Moment in Hooker History

…and, it happened in Florida.

A undercover vice cop was doing his part to find and arrest hookers last Friday night when he happened upon a 47 year old suspect.  According to reports he ““asked if she wanted a ride and engaged in a conversation about sex,” after she got in the car.

The cop, again as mentioned in the p0lice report, told the woman he was looking “to fuck” and asked if she could help him with that request.  The woman reportedly replied that they could, “could go have sexual intercourse if I bought her two double cheese burgers off the dollar menu at McDonald’s.”  So the officer did just that, buying two cheeseburgers for $2.75.  The cop then offered to provide a tip on top of the burger purchase, gave the woman $60 and she instructed him to meet her in a nearby park to “complete the deal”.

Christine Baker was arrested before that could happen, and it is not mentioned if she was able to eat her food first.

via The Smoking Gun

Someone Really Wants A McNugget

Khadijah Baseer really, really, really is a fan of the deep fried lump of mystery meat that is a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget.

She was arrested last week after police were called to a McDonald’s in the Los Angeles area to report a woman that was approaching cars in the drive-thru.  Baseer was allegedly opening the doors on cars in line and offering up a deal – Chicken McNuggets for sexual favors.

What specific sexual acts have not been mentioned, or if she would do different things for a six-piece versus a 10-piece box.

She was arrested and charged with suspicion of prostitution.

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I Want a Cheeseburger, Damnit!

Shanaya Edgell was very hungry at 3am, at a McDonalds and drunk.

Not a good combination.

Shanaya wanted a good ol’ fashion cheeseburger, but it was breakfast hours and those weren’t being served.  Ms Edgell didn’t take kindly to this fact, blew a gasket and began assaulting her boyfriend, Darrell Page, with some biting and tearing off his shirt.  Darrell was able to get her back in the car where they left, only to have her change her mind because she wanted some breakfast after all.  The boyfriend trying to avoid killing the two of them since he could drive while she was kicking his ass, pulled over and called police.  When they arrived she was standing on the hood of the car screaming profanities.

All she wanted was a cheeseburger.

via Gazette Extra

via the Smoking Gun


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What’s McRib McMade Of?

Every once in a while McDonald’s rolls out the good ‘old McRib, run a billion commercials and fans of the sandwich go nuts.

While I am sure that you could do this same study on just about any fast food product, some of the stuff that makes up a McRib is just downright disturbing.


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

TIME has done a story that breaks down the ingredients, which is about 70.  Some have crazy scientific names that sound wholly inedible like, ammonium sulfate and polysorbate 80.  The one that is catching everyone’s eye is, azodicarbonamide — “a flour-bleaching agent most commonly used in the manufactur[ing] of foamed plastics like gym mats the and soles of shoes” according to the TIME article.


The actual meat part of the sandwich is the delectably named, “restructured meat product”, which is different parts of the pig – tripe, heart and stomach.

If a McRib is made out of that stuff, one can only imagine the stuff that goes into a Taco Bell Supreme Chapula XL.

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