Divorced at 99 Years Old

Antonio and Rosa had been married for 77 years.  Let that sink in.  Seventy. Seven. Years.  Most people don’t even live that long.

That’s all in the trash bin now as Antonio has filed for divorce from Rosa after he discovered something during a move from their apartment in Rome.

What he found were dust covered love letters that Rosa had received from a lover she had over 60 years ago with a man while Antonio was serving in the military.  Despite the fact the affair took place in the 1940’s Antonio was heartbroken and felt betrayed and decided he could no longer be married to the woman he’d been with since 1934.

The divorce case will happen in March, and the father of five and grandfather to a whole bunch of grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be back on the market.

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The Most Confusing Marriage…Ever

Please.  Bare with me as I try to untangle this knot of sexual gender bending, and love.

  • In 2004 Paul and Alan became a gay couple.
  • Both were divorced and had five children between them.
  • For six years they lived a transgendered lesbians
  • Both declined to have sex reassignment surgery due to health risks
  • But last year, Paul, now Jenny-Anne, did have the surgery with breast augmentation and facial feminisation surgery (refund?)
  • Now the couple has married as a “man and wife” couple in a civil ceremony

This is all very confusing.  So if they were a gay couple before, they are not a gay couple now?  And in the interim while being men that dressed as women, they were lesbians?

Well, they love each other.  That’s important.  Because man or woman, neither of them are very attractive, but that bride’s maid(man) in the middle of the pic to the right?  Yeah, she’s a total fox.  I bet she, uh he, totally made out with the Best (wo)Man.

via UK Daily Mail

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