Band Name: Lavatory Excrement

Last week a Long Island couple standing outside in their backyard, as a commercial airliner flew over, had the disgusting realization that what was falling on them wasn’t rain.

What comprised the “quarter-sized, nickel-sized, dime-sized drops all over my deck, my barbecue, my table,” as described by the husband was not oil, hydraulic fluid, grease or any other mechanical liquids.

What is was: Lavatory Excrement

Yes, the waste from the plane’s bathroom tank leaked out onto the ground, homes and who knows what below.

The couple contacted the FAA and are investigating the claims.

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80 Year Old Man Falls Into Sinkhole

80 year old Michael Ciron walked out of his Long Island home Sunday morning to get his paper.

He ended up in a 8 foot hole in his front yard.  HIs screams woke up his daughter who called the rescue squad. By the time they arrived Ciron had pulled himself up far enough to get his head above the surface.  He got out “very sore”, but uninjured.

He suspects that the winter storm may have exposed an old well or cesspool.

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