The Rich Guy Lego Scam

What ever possesses people to steal when they have plenty of money to purchase is always a fascinating story.  You hear about rich girls stealing clothes, or actresses lifting a piece of jewelry and now a super high end software executive working a scam to steal – Legos.

Thomas Langenbach is a VP/Software Engineer for SAP, a massive enterprise software firm (His LinkedIn profile shows, “vice president at Palo Alto’s SAP Labs Integration and Certification Center “).  It’s safe to say that Langenbach makes more than enough in salary to buy whatever Lego set he wants, but instead Langenbach used his software development skills to make a bar code printing program that allowed him to make his own bar codes.  He would then go to Target, put his barcodes over the ones on the Lego sets and that allowed him to purchase them at a vastly reduced price.

For example reported that he was able to buy a $279 Star Wars Millennium Falcon set for only $49, and the $90 Anakin set for only $35.

The Target security cameras spotted Langenbach making the tag switch from two different stores in the Bay Area.  While he was charged with four counts of burgerly for seven boxes worth $1000, when police raided his home they found “hundreds and hundreds” of boxes.  Since April of last year using the name “tomsbrickyard” Langenbach had sold over $30,000 worth of Legos on Ebay.  he was charged with only the four thefts as police determine what he stole and what he may have legitimately owned.

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Is This the New Nintendo Controller?

Twitter is a dangerous thing, especially if you’re trying to privately send a pic of something that no one is supposed to see.  No, not nudes – a pic of the upcoming Nintendo U controller.

The Twitter account @MATTYBOOSH, which was established back in 2008, has been washed from Twitter as it was the place to find the pic you see here.  Very likely this is what the controller for the U will look like and is slightly different than what Nintendo showed off at last year’s E3.  The image was uploaded via someone that works for Traveller’s Tale Games (maker of several Lego-themed games), according to GamesRadar, and likely was a misplayed direct message, instead going out for mass consumption.

What makes this interesting is the idea that the controller is also a handheld gaming console so when, as demo’d in the video below, some jerky-jerk comes into the room and bogarts the TV you can continue playing your game right there in your hands.

The U is due to go on sale this winter, although there are no official release dates.

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Topless Tinkerbell Tat Gets Mom Booted From Legoland

This is a story that appeared in the Dallas Observer blog yesterday.  Driven largely by Lana Massey, the owner of the tattoo seen to the right (and according to her Facebook page a manager of a Gas Pipe – a long standing chain of Dallas area head shops)  and her claims that the manager of an area Legoland children’s park found her tat offensive enough to ask her to leave and receive a full refund.

You can read all the full details on the blog, but essentially Massey is claiming that she was discriminated against because of her looks.  While she insists that she was never told it was a specific tattoo that got her and her son booted, everyone agrees it was probably this one.

In Massey’s opinion there is nothing offensive about her tattoo – a rendering of Tinkerbell, topless and looks to be having a erotic moment with a light switch.  While the latter detail is more sublime, the former is out there for the world to see on Massey’s calf (ironically about the height of many children running around Legoland).  Massey claims that the manager is lying that others complained and that she was singled out and that she’s never been asked to leave from anywhere before.

Massey has several tattoos and is very proud of them.  You can go to her Facebook page where you can find that she has made this incident a personal crusade and has spent the last few days contacting local Dallas media for attention as she plans on suing Legoland.  There she has posted copies of emails from Legoland and gives further explanation to her side of the story.  She does find it perfectly ok to rant about the manager that kicked her out, as “Morbidly obese, she was just gross” and has friends that feel that anyone that would find that tat offensive at a child’s attraction are, “fat, twinkie eating, bible banging hypocrites” (peet: a look at it again this morning reveals that she appears to have edited out many of the postings about her story – probably on the advice from a lawyer).  She does also clearly state her objective, money, “We will be compensated, believe that!”

Interesting enough Massey does have a limit to what she would understand as offensive, “I could see if it was like a gaping vag or something like that, but I don’t have anything like that.”  She also claims that the tat is original artwork from the 1940’s, but Tinkerbell – the animated Disney version – didn’t come out until the 1950’s.

I have added this story mostly because of the highly ridiculous nature of the tattoo and the idea that showing it off at a children’s park is somehow “ok” in her mind.  I really admire tattoo culture and art, but this is where tattoo owners and I part.  I have a t-shirt I think is really funny, “Abortions Tickle” (with a illustration of a woman looking coy), but I never wear it because I know it will offend people.   But I also realize I am supplying her what she wants, attention, and that there are people that think she is in the right.  It is certainly an interesting discussion.