Ice Cream Sandwich & Galaxy Nexus Are Here

The long awaited unveiling of Ice Cream Sandwich, the operating system for Android that hopes to unify the platform for both phones and tablets, happened Tuesday night along with the first device to use the OS, the Samsung Nexus Prime.

I’ll post more about both here soon, but there are a lot of links that will give you the full details below.  But this is a big deal and the phone is a winner.

Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) removes the psyical button with ones that appear on the touch screen only when needed, facial recognition software that ID’s the user’s face to unlock the phone (although the demo of this didn’t work during the live presentation), new multi-tasking design and app grouping and icon organizing features are all new things found in the OS.

The Samsung Nexus promises to sit on top of the “most powerful” smartphone throne when it hots stores with a fast processor, 4.65 screen running 720p, 1 Gig of RAM, and it will also have Near Field Communications (NFC) for mobile payments.  But it is the curved glass and body that will make everyone Ooo and Aahhh when it hits stores in November.


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