Why Did FBI Have This Data That Was Hacked?


Those pesky internet devils, AntiSec, announced in a posting on a hacker’s site the following:

During the second week of March 2012, a Dell Vostro notebook, used by Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl from FBI Regional Cyber Action Team and New York FBI Office Evidence Response Team was breached using the AtomicReferenceArray vulnerability on Java, during the shell session some files were downloaded from his Desktop folder one of them with the name of ”NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv” turned to be a list of 12,367,232 Apple iOS devices including Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), user names, name of device, type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zipcodes, cellphone numbers, addresses, etc. the personal details fields referring to people appears many times empty leaving the whole list incompleted on many parts. no other file on the same folder makes mention about this list or its purpose.

Out of the 12 million, the group posted one million of the UDID’s.  There’s a whole bunch of things wrong with this.

#1:  UDID’s are Unique Device Identifier numbers, which for an iPhone, iPad or iTouch is a 40 character, device specific number that identify that Apple’s device within the iOS ecosystem.  UDID’s are used in all sorts of ways between developers, iTunes and you can find your device’s UDID via a few different apps that you can download for free.   UDID’s are mostly used for testing apps before they are made available in iTunes, but there are other uses that require being able to ID a specific device.  You can check to see if your device UDID was part of the posting via this site.

#2: The group stole these 12 million UDIDs from a laptop of a FBI agent, and also there are claims that there are associated personal info with each number like, name, cell number, addresses and notification tokens (i.e.: what you’ve allowed to push notify/send info to the front of your device’s screen).  Why’d they steal it?  Because of….

#3: Why exactly was a FBI agent walking around with a laptop with 12 million private citizen’s UDID’s and how did he get them?   What are they being used for?

NBC News is reporting that a source within the FBI is claiming that the whole thing is a hoax and lure to get people to go to the site where the  original posting is hosted with malware hidden within the page.  Several other sources are reporting they cannot find any such malware on the page. (this is why I haven’t copied that link within this story, cause I ain’t sure)

What does this mean to you?  Probably nothing.  You can find your UDID, put part of it in the search link mentioned above, and if it doesn’t appear you’re safe.  But even if it does appear there isn’t much anyone can do with it at this time.  But while it is frustrating that this kind of data can be stolen, from the FBI no less, the larger question of why the FBI even had the data is certainly the larger question at hand.

More to come as it develops.

When The Foot Fetish Goes Wrong

40 year old Tampa resident, Raymond Roland Collette admits he has had a foot fetish since he was a teen, but now he is in trouble with police after being caught enticing a minor into sex.

Collette had placed ads on Craigslist over the last three years with the title, “Seeking to worship sneakers”. Collette, who was posing as a woman named “April Love”, suggested he would be willing to pay to “smell someone’s sneakers”.  He began to talk to someone noted as “KK”,  But when KK mentioned she also had a 4 year old daughter he then turned up the creepy and “expressed (his) wishes to worship (the girl) while she is wearing her sneakers,” according to an FBI affidavit.  Collette then followed up with a picture of a 10 yr old girl he claimed was a niece and that they “trade children sometime”.

Turns out the girl in the picture was from the Facebook account of someone that attended Collette’s church, where he also worked as a media director.  The parent of the girl in the picture told police that Collette had once tried to get the girl a job modeling sneakers.

But in online talks with KK the talk quickly turned sexual, specifically about KK’s daughter, “I would like to worship (her) sneakers while she wears them, teach her to worship mine.”  He was arrested and is being held without bail.


Puppeteer Wants To Eat Kids

Ronald Brown just made it a lot harder to be a puppeteer for kid’s parties after it was discovered he had a plan to kidnap, torture, rape, murder, cook and eat children.

Brown is a Largo, FL puppeteer with his own company, “Puppets Plus”, and has made appearances at schools, malls and even a Tampa Rays games.  But police and federal officials found out about Brown’s conversations online with another man where a sexual discussion about children took place.

One conversation went like this:

“Summer is heating up, should be good pickins.”

“It’s so hot, the kids are almost naked out there.”

“My mouth watered looking at her for sure.”

Agents took possession of Brown’s computer where it was found to be loaded with graphic child porn and according to arrest documents he was planning on kidnapping a little boy at a local church. He told FBI agents he wanted to “eat” the child and that he was part of a Yahoo group of others with fantasies about children and violence with children.









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Best or Worst Scam Ever?

This has to be one of the most extreme and bizarre cases of insurance fraud.  Gerald B Hardin has been charged with crimes in relation to claims he and another person cut off the hand of a third person to collect a payout.

Hardin is the only person charged in the federal indictment and the other two people are not named.

The story goes, in 2008 Hardin and the other person used a pole saw, not the most elegant of amputation tools, and purposely cut off the third person’s hand.  That person was rushed to a local hospital where attempts to reattach the hand were unsuccessful.

While it’s unclear who’s home it was, the trio successfully collected on homeowners insurance and death and dismemberment policies that had been placed on the victim before the accident.  The three collected over $671,000 in payments from the settlements.  Somehow, the FBI found out and began to investigate.  Hardin turned himself in earlier this month and was released on bond.  He faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

via NYDailyNews

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Looney Doesn’t Begin To Explain Her

After seeing the mugshot to the right, you don’t need to read the story below to instantly know that Meredith Lowell is bat-shit crazy.

Lowell, so obsessed with animal-rights issues that she hatched a murder for hire plan, on Facebook, with a level of detail usually reserved for planning a community bake sale.

In the fall of 2011 Lowell began to post on Facebook as Anne Lowery.  There she explained that, “I would like to create an online community on facebook whi8ch would allow me to find someone who is willing to kill someone wearing fur toward the end of October 2011 or early November 2011 or possibly in January 2012 or February 2012 at the latest.”  After explaining she wanted the victim to live in Northwest Ohio she offered, “to pay this person up to $830-$850 which is far more than I was originally willing to pay.”

In her writings on line as Lowery, she explained that she wanted the murder to be a mix of hit, protest, and demonstration and wondered if she should distribute documentation about the fur industry at the scene of the crime.  According to federal documents she wrote, “I plan on staying after the hit for reasons of benefit to the movement, and think being caught would actually benefit me personally.”

The postings caught the eye of the FBI who began to contact her and eventually got her to communicate via email rather than the social network.  She was sending the emails mostly from a university library, which is also where she wanted the murder to happen.  She told the agent that she lived in a family that ate meat, wore wool and used products that came from animals – all of which lead to statements like, “So all of the speciest things I have mentioned…make me want to have the hit even sooner so I can get out of my house and hopefully get closer to ending the fur industry which is our goal,”

She also was very specific about how she wanted the murder to happen, but in her writings was flexible on details simply because she wanted it to happen.

  • “You need to bring a gun with a silencer on it and that can easily be concealed in your pants pocket or coat.”
  • “Do not wear anything that looks even remotely like fur.”
  • “If you do not want to risk the possibility if getting caught with a gun before the job, bring a sharp knife that is at least 4 inches long.”
  • “I want the person to be dead in less than 2 minutes (under 2 minutes or 1 minute or less would be better.)”
  •  “preferably 14 years old or older but should be at least 12 years old.”
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This Guy Will Sexually Cleanse You of the Devil

Rarely are there events in the Amish community that make mainstream news.  When it does it’s usually something tragic – horse and buggy/18 wheeler accidents, farmhouse collapse while under construction or the understandable interest in the Amish tradition of rumspringa.

But there has been drama going on in the Amish community in the last few months that is really interesting.

Amish-on-Amish crime.

A rouge sect of Amish have been attacking other Amish men and cutting off their beards.  Growing of the beards is a major part of being Amish and having them cut off is of the highest humiliation.  The attacks all surround one man, Sam Mullet.  He is accused of not only ordering the attacks, but also now Mullet is accused of forcing women to have sex with him and ordering bizarre forms of capital punishment on people he felt had disobeyed him

Members were forced to sleep in chicken coops for days on end and women were forced to have sexual relations with Mullet so he could teach some how to better please their husbands and others, “to cleanse them of the devil with acts of sexual intimacy,” said the FBI

The Amish community claim that Mullet is workout outside the norm of their belief system and now 12 people associated with Mullet have been charged with the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and carries a possible life time sentence.

The Amish believe very strongly in not bringing outside intervention into their communities and they also aren’t big on revenge.  So the attacks were not only being committed and not punished, but victims largely refused to contact outside authorities to do anything about it.  Finally local police were called and now it has grown into a federal investigation involving the FBI.


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Woman Phones in Terror Threat Against Ex-Booty Call

I imagine that Lizet Sariol is one of those girls you meet that has crazy eyes and you instantly know better than to have sex with her cause it’s just gonna end up in trouble.

Unfortunately for Adnen Mansouri he failed to heed the warnings, hooked up with Sariol on several different occasions and when he’d finally had enough of her and she wouldn’t stop hassling him for another booty-call, he unfriended her on Facebook.

Well, Lizet wasn’t…about…to…put…up…with…that

So, she called the FBI and informed them that Mansouri and his friend were boarding a flight at LAX and she had received threatening texts from them and suggested they were a terrorist threat.

Mansouri and his friend were apprehended before leaving LAX, and told the cops he wasn’t surprised after all the things Sariol had threatened to do to him.

Mansouri then proceeded to show authorities the endless stream of messages she’d left on his Facebook page and the text message he’d received from her,

“Don’t even try to get on the plane(.) called the FBI(.) Sucks to be all of you(.) Hope you all have good attorneys.”

The crazy bitch is now in custody facing all sorts of charges of false information and a $20,000 bond.

Remember, look for the crazy eyes.

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