No, The Moon Is Not Crashing Into Earth

Beginning at 11:35pm EDT on Saturday (May 5), the moon will be full and will also look its biggest as it will all year.  For some of you, this is not a result of any drugs or drinking, it’s actually that big.

This full moon phase coincides with its closest distance from the Earth, 221,802 miles, and will give anyone and everyone a spectacular view of a giant and bright moon.  In fact astronomers call it a “super moon”.

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Sun Spunk May Get On You

IN SPACE - JANUARY 23:  In this handout from t...

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The sun ejected the largest blast of energy and particles since 2005 and all of it is headed towards Earth.

Monday NASA filmed the sun emitting a massive ultraviolet flash that combined with an eruption on the surface.  Sometime this morning the solar flares particles will hit the Earth and may cause certain flights to be rerouted, effect cellular communication, disrupt satellites in orbit and other communication interruptions.  It will also place more radiation on people, especially those in higher elevations, but not enough to be harmful – like say melt skin…

So if you lose your cell connection, this time it may just not be AT&T’s fault.

See how solar flares, sun storms and huge eruptions from the sun work in this infographic.
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The Emergency Test & Astroid Are Totally Coincidental

Today, asteroid YU55 will whizz by Earth at a mere 200,000 miles, closer than the Moon.  Eggheads promise there is no chance of a collision or it effecting tides, Werewolves or a melding of universes (like in Fringe!).  Nope, just a chance to watch an aircraft carrier sized rock fly by with the aid of a 6-8 inch telescope.

But on a completely unrelated, coincidental note, the Emergency Alert System will be fired off nationwide, on all TV and Radio stations at 2pm Eastern time.  So, be one of those in the know and have fun with those that are ignorant of the test and totally freak out, run in circles or ask the hot girl in your office to, “have sex before the earth ends”.

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