Please, Do Not Tape Turtles To Balloons

A California community is in shock after finding a turtle that had been taped to several green helium filled balloons and set loose to float away.

The turtle was found when the balloons got caught in a tree and the turtle dangling from the string and tape it was attached to.  The local Humane Society was called to save the turtle, who in turn called the fire department to climb the tree.  “We look up and there are green and blue balloons up there,” a witness told ABC News affiliate 10 News. “He was just swinging his arms trying to get out of it. Somebody had taped him to the balloons.”

The turtle was a common box turtle and was unharmed after the fire team used a ladder truck to reach it.  Police are looking to find out who did this to the turtle and if found could be charged with animal cruelty.

(peet: it realize this wasn’t right, even cruel, but I did laugh.  I have to be honest)

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Rethinking the Satanic Threesome Concept

An 18 year old Arizona man traveled all the way to Milwaukee to meet up with a girl he’d met online.

Sunday, that man was in a hospital with over 300 stab wounds to his back, face, arms, legs and neck.

Turns out he may have walked into the most awesome, or least awesome of internet sex fantasies: The Satanic Threesome

According to The Smoking Gun, When he arrived at the 22 year old woman’s house, he claims he was abducted, tied up and gagged by the two lovelies pictured above, Raven “Scarlett” Larrabee and Rebecca Chandler.  Now, it isn’t clear how much what transpired next was consensual, but there was plenty of bloody duct tape and other indicators that someone had been restrained and cut.  When cops arrived the girl told police that she was having sexual relations that involved “cutting”, but that it had gotten out of hand, and that it was her roommate that had done most of it.  Her roommate, by the way, was into satanic or cult stuff, according to the girl.

There were books that lead police to believe the girl herself was into some fantasy stuff, with titles like “A Werewolf’s Guide to Life”, “The Necromantic Ritual Book” and “Intro to Sigilborne Spirits” which is about female werewolves and sex.  Hmmmm..


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