He Really, Really, Really Hates His Mom

William Jenkins, 22, will not be sending out a Mother’s Day card next year after being arrested for assaulting his own mother, with dog poop.

Jenkins was arrested on a felony domestic battery charge for pushing his 52 year old mother during an argument.  The fight began because his mom refused to give Jenkins a shot of vodka and an shouting match ensued.  Jenkins then reportedly went out to the backyard, picked up a handful of dog poop and then “rubbed it in his mother’s face”.

Oddly, the charge was for pushing his mother to the floor, which he denies, but he admits, “he did rub dog defecation on her face because she yelled at him,” investigators noted.

Jenkins is being held and bond has not yet been set.

via The Smoking Gun


Teacher in Trouble for “Cone of Shame”

A Florida teacher’s job is in jeopardy after it was found that she had put a dog collar on several of her students as a form of punishment.

The collar sometimes called the “cone of shame” is intended to prevent dogs and cats from chewing on wounds or themselves after surgery.  The teacher placed the cone on as many as eight different students after showing the Pixar movie “Up”, where a dog wearing such a cone appears.  That apparently is where the teacher got the idea.

A letter from the Pasco county Superintendent states, “…your actions show extremely poor judgment and concern me for several reasons. I am stunned that you would put dog collars on students for any reason.  I am very concerned that you used this collar to punish and embarrass students in front of their peers.”

Students defending the teacher claim that it was all a joke and are worried that the teacher will lose her job.

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Pit Bull Is a Hero, Yes – Hero!

Pit Bulls generally end up in the news because one eats a small human.

But Lilly, an eight year old Pitt is the bravest of dogs and was willing to sacrifice her life for that of her owner.

Lilly’s owner is an alcoholic.  She somehow ended up on train tracks in the middle of the night and fell unconscious on the tracks.  Lilly, realizing an approaching train pushed or pulled her owner off of the tracks and ended up being hit by the train herself suffering critical injuries.  The owner was unharmed in the incident, but Lilly’s injuries were severe – she lost a front leg, but will survive.

Lily’s story has touched many people and more than $55,000 has been raised to help pay for her $15,000 vet bills that have piled up.  The extra money will go towards the expenses of other animals.

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Craigslist Was Not Intended For This Use

Shane Walker and Sarah Dae Walker and Robert Aucker are three really sick, twisted fucks.

The Arizona residents have been arrested and accused of using a Craigslist ad titled “WIFE LOOKING FOR A K9”  to conspire and commit beastiality.

The Walkers, a self described married “swingers” couple with an “open marriage”, worked with Aucker to use Craiglist to find a dog that Sarah would have sex with while Shane and Robert watched.  Aucker told police that he and Sarah have been in a relationship for a month and she had disclosed to him her desire to have sex with a dog.

Once decided as a group they wanted to do this, they searched Craigslist for three weeks resulting in a trading of emails with a dog’s owner who they would met up with for the purpose of beastiality.  They even offered the male golden shepherd mix’s owner a chance to participate, but the person they were communicating with was an undercover detective (who had spotted the ridiculously titled ad).  The three admitted their plan, but were arrested before sex acts with the dog took place.

Oddly enough this isn’t the first case of Craigslist being used to shop for beastiality in Arizona.  Just a year ago the same county sheriff made two different arrests, a handyman and a teacher, in different cases of Craigslist being used for that purpose.

The three have been released, are under electronic monitoring and best of all, been instructed to give up their own dogs.

Craigslist’s Secret World of Bestiality: 3 Arrested:



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I Don’t Even Know How to Title This One

Ian Summers, 30, decided that he wanted to bring a prostitute into a Orange County, FL home, but knew that he first had to address the issue of his overly aggressive pit bull.

The pit, perfectly named “Fiesty”, had bitten several people recently, although “attacked” is probably a more accurate description.  One included a 2 year old nephew that lost a hunk of flesh from under his arm after meeting Fiesty.

Summers himself admits he is terrified of the animal, but when he brought the prostitute, Robin Johnson (yes, that is her mugshot to a previous arrest below) to a home on Feb 10th, Summers thought it was a good idea to get the two properly acquainted first so that Fiesty wouldn’t be aggressive, but he claims that upon opening the door to the room the dog saw Johnson and attacked her.

Summers then inexplicably simply closed the door to the room and left the house, leaving Johnson to be mauled by the dog.  She ended up having her left leg amputated below the knee and the left arm surgically removed below the elbow.  “When he attacked I did not want to be anywhere near that dog, he scares the death out of me,” Summers reportedly told deputies, “so I left and closed the door.”

It turns out that the home that Summers took Johnson reportedly for sex and some crack smoking wasn’t even his house.  He was a previous tenet that had moved out after a November drug raid.

While Johnson is in a coma, minus two limbs, Summers is in jail facing charges of second-degree felony charge of burglary of an occupied dwelling, as well as culpable negligence.

via Sun Sentinel, Daily Mail

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Don’t Get Too Close to Giant Dog’s Mouth

This Denver TV morning show host, Kyle Dyer, was doing a story on Max an 85 pound Mastiff (peet: that is how they describe him, but this looks more like a pit mix to me) who had been recused by firefighters after falling into a frozen pond.

During the live segment Dyer is kneeling and petting the dog who appears to be as happy as can be, and then he snaps at her.  He reportedly gets her on the lip.  Dyer was treated on the scene by the firefighters that were there, and is now in the hospital getting treatment.

There isn’t anything gory, and she goes off camera as soon as it happens. When they cut away to her co-host his freaked out expression is pretty hilarious because he’s trained to go on, but you can tell he’s worried and doesn’t know what to do.

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Soap Actor Kills Self Over Dog

The little known actor, Nick Santino, seen on soaps like “All My Children” and “Guiding Light” has killed himself after having his beloved dog, Rocco, euthanized just a few days ago.

Santino reportedly had the healthy dog put down because the apartment building he was living in had placed new restrictions on animals, and specific ones on pit bulls, which is the breed Rocco happened to be.  Friends say that because Rocco was already present in the building, he was grandfathered in, but the supervisor and other neighbors were complaining about Rocco.  Fines were placed on Santino for Rocco’s barking, despite the fact that friends claimed that Rocco didn’t bark, wasn’t aggressive and was a kind, loving animal.

Apparently all of this became too much for Santino who caved into the pressure and had Rocco put down on Tuesday.  Completely despondent over his decision, Santino overdosed on pills and was found dead the next day.  A sucide note was found where Santino’s guilt is apparent,

“Today I betrayed my best friend and put down my best friend.  Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this.”

Rooco had been cremated and so will Santino.  There ashes will be “reunited”, which maybe means they will mix them together?  hmm…

Oddly there is no mention as to why he didn’t just move…



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That is Not What Puppies Are For

Thurman McGriff

Thurman McGriff, 54, of Phoenix is accused of several charges.  You can decide for yourself which is the more disgusting.

  • Exposing himself to an adult
  • Exposing himself to a 9 year old boy
  • Threatening to molest the little boy
  • Accused of using a puppy to simulate oral sex

The last two are connected as McGriff reportedly threatened to molest the kid if he didn’t stop watching him as he allegedly used the puppy’s mouth to simulate the act.

via, Phoenixtimes

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Dog Eats Car Payment

A St Augustine, Florida couple were forced to make their dog throw up after they came home to find it had eaten $1000 in cash – money intended as a car payment.

A “peroxide mix” was given to the Labrador retriever-chow-bulldog mix (wtf?) where it shortly vomited back up bits and pieces of the money.  Only $900 of the total was immediately usable, the final $100 bill was too damaged so the couple sent it to the US Treasury department with a note explaining the situation in hopes they will replace it with a $100 minus the dog slobber and bleck all over it.


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Wiener Dog, LSD and Nudity

Sunday night north of Atlanta cops received calls of a naked man and woman running along a road.

Chemical Structure of LSD (Lysergic acid dieth...

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That would be Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes who would go onto to run home naked, and were in the buff when cops knocked on the door.  According to police the pair was “tripping pretty hard” on LSD.

Just to make a funny story about LSD into a tragic story, it turns out the couple also had given some LSD to their dachshund, “Oscar” (wiener dog, get it? boy,  LSD does unleash one’s creative juices!).  Oscar escaped and wasn’t found until after it had been hit by a car and injured.  Oscar survived, but condition is unknown.

The couple arrested on drug charges, and likely animal abuse charges – but probably not for the lame-ass naming of the dog, the LSD part.


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