So, You Wanna Be A Cyborg

Found this article at last week and it is a crazy fascinating read.  Turns out there are people out there actually implanting devices, metals, etc into their bodies in an attempt to become something more than human… Cyborg.  “Human Enhancement”.

Go read the article, but definitely watch the two videos below.  The first is the one associated with the story and its author, Ben Popper, who actually undergoes his own “surgery” to have a tiny magnet impacted in the end of his finger.  Because this is done in a Pittsburg tattoo/piercing shop and not a hospital, he does it without anesthesia – just like most bio-hackers.  The video does have some squirmy, cutting-open-a-finger, moments, but once you watch that, read the article.  (Side note, my favorite part is that the video is sponsored by Starbucks)

The second is about this English girl, Lepht Anonym, and she is described this way: “a DIY punk who was one of the earliest, and certainly the most dramatic, to throw caution to the wind and implant metal and machines into her flesh.”  She looks like the girl from “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, clearly bat-shit crazy but in this talk she gives at a conference, you can’t take your eyes off of her.

There is even an English academic who, because he does have legal access to proper medical technology, laboratories and anesthesia, he had a cybernetic sensor implanted into his arm that allowed him to not only control a robotic hand, but also sense the actions of a similar device implanted in his wife’s arm – like when she shakes someone else’s hand, he can feel it in his own.  wow.

As silly and bizarre as all of this may seem, the reality is that it is most definitely the future.  We’re already using implants for people who need assistance in hearing, seeing and other medical issues – but the next step is certainly coming.  The day that your phone is actually in your head, or eye implants that pass on info into your line of sight, the ability to control devices by manipulating your own body parts are all things you can easily see happening in your lifetime.

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Jack-o-Lantern for Geeks

Yes, playing with fire can be fun, but playing with a LED and a watch battery is a whole new level of 2001-fun.

LED + battery + pumpkin = awesome

Sure, there’s a whole “safety component” to this too, but that’s not what’s important here.


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