Death By…Flying Deer Parts

As the old saying goes, “When it’s your time, it’s your time”.

And that might be the best explanation for the tragic, if not gross, end to the life of 70 year old Rosemary Bower of Brooksville, PA.

At 6:45 Tuesday morning she was traveling down Route 830 when a car going to opposite direction hit a large deer.  The impact with the deer was so violent that it literally tore the animal in two parts.  Unfortunately for Bower, the head and shoulder portion of the carcass flew through the air and into her windshield and killing her.  Her car then hit another car down the road before coming to a stop in a ditch.


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It Happened In Florida

"I kicked his ass"

Chelsea Harrison and Terry Nowakowski lived together and had a child in Zephyrhills, FL.

But it was only an arrangement of convenience.  The lived under the same roof because of the kid and the financial benefits.  Terry actually had a new girlfriend, and Tuesday he stepped outside to hold a phone call with her.

Well, that didn’t sit with Chelsea, who locked Terry out of the house.  Terry tried poking his head into a window, Chelsea punched him in the face.

Terry decided to break the down the door.

Chelsea decided to kick his ass – with a set of deer antlers.

Actually it was an entire deer head that had been mounted on a wall, and she swung it and hit him on face and body until she dropped it and Terry was able to fee the scene. Terry’s face was swollen from the attack and Harrison was arrested and charged with domestic battery.  But from her mug shot, doesn’t appear to concerned about it.

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