Topless Tinkerbell Tat Gets Mom Booted From Legoland

This is a story that appeared in the Dallas Observer blog yesterday.  Driven largely by Lana Massey, the owner of the tattoo seen to the right (and according to her Facebook page a manager of a Gas Pipe – a long standing chain of Dallas area head shops)  and her claims that the manager of an area Legoland children’s park found her tat offensive enough to ask her to leave and receive a full refund.

You can read all the full details on the blog, but essentially Massey is claiming that she was discriminated against because of her looks.  While she insists that she was never told it was a specific tattoo that got her and her son booted, everyone agrees it was probably this one.

In Massey’s opinion there is nothing offensive about her tattoo – a rendering of Tinkerbell, topless and looks to be having a erotic moment with a light switch.  While the latter detail is more sublime, the former is out there for the world to see on Massey’s calf (ironically about the height of many children running around Legoland).  Massey claims that the manager is lying that others complained and that she was singled out and that she’s never been asked to leave from anywhere before.

Massey has several tattoos and is very proud of them.  You can go to her Facebook page where you can find that she has made this incident a personal crusade and has spent the last few days contacting local Dallas media for attention as she plans on suing Legoland.  There she has posted copies of emails from Legoland and gives further explanation to her side of the story.  She does find it perfectly ok to rant about the manager that kicked her out, as “Morbidly obese, she was just gross” and has friends that feel that anyone that would find that tat offensive at a child’s attraction are, “fat, twinkie eating, bible banging hypocrites” (peet: a look at it again this morning reveals that she appears to have edited out many of the postings about her story – probably on the advice from a lawyer).  She does also clearly state her objective, money, “We will be compensated, believe that!”

Interesting enough Massey does have a limit to what she would understand as offensive, “I could see if it was like a gaping vag or something like that, but I don’t have anything like that.”  She also claims that the tat is original artwork from the 1940’s, but Tinkerbell – the animated Disney version – didn’t come out until the 1950’s.

I have added this story mostly because of the highly ridiculous nature of the tattoo and the idea that showing it off at a children’s park is somehow “ok” in her mind.  I really admire tattoo culture and art, but this is where tattoo owners and I part.  I have a t-shirt I think is really funny, “Abortions Tickle” (with a illustration of a woman looking coy), but I never wear it because I know it will offend people.   But I also realize I am supplying her what she wants, attention, and that there are people that think she is in the right.  It is certainly an interesting discussion.

The Next Step After Rubbing Nose in Poop

76 year old Michael Stephen Stolz held police at bay for several hours this week in his Dallas area home.  Once he gave up he was arrested for the murder of his wife, Bernice.

Bernice’s employer began to worry about her after not reporting for work for several consecutive days and asked police to check on her.  When they arrived Stolz refused to let them in or answer questions, but they could smell a horrible odor emanating from the house.

The standoff latest five hours, and SWAT finally sent in a robot to scope out the scene where they found Mr Stolz laying unarmed on the ground and he surrendered without an incident.  They also found Bernice, dead on the kitchen floor with a gun shot to the head.

Stolz told police that he became very upset after the couple’s German Shepard pooped on floor.  It was a breaking point for Stolz who shot the offending dog, then the couple’s other dog (a Rottweiler) and then Bernice – who was screaming at the top of her lungs over his violence. Stolz told police he was going to also kill himself, but he’d “run out of bullets”.

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Radiohead. Yes Please.

I have recently, officially, been diagnosed with tinnitus.  100% my fault.   I didn’t really need a doctor to tell me.  Too many years listening to hi-fi systems at loud volumes, headphones and air horns.

So when I go to shows I now take ear plugs, but at last night’s stop in Dallas of Radiohead I just couldn’t bring myself to insert them.  Ok, I did a couple of times just to see how much it would lessen the experience.  It did.  Too much.

Sadly,  i’ve only seen Radiohead twice.  Last time was three years ago at a local outdoor pavilion, this time inside the barn-like confines of the American Airlines Center.  It was a packed, sold-out show, but the truth is that I yearn to see this band in a proper, smaller venue.  I was along the side, and far enough back that I had a great, full view of the stage and the wonderful light show.  Being equidistance from the stage as the sound board, the sound was surprisingly good.

And when I awoke this morning the ringing I went to bed with was still present and louder than it normally is during my average day…but I don’t care because it just reminds me of the great show I witnessed last night.

Here are professional and spot-on reviews from The Dallas Observer and Preston Jones.

The current tour is one to see on different stops simply because the setlist has changed dramatically from night to night in just the five shows leading up to and including the Dallas stop.  Each night almost half the set is different from another show, and I’ve read that the band has prepped as many as 75 songs for the tour.  On the first night they debuted two new songs, “Identikit” and ” Cut a Hole“.  Dallas only got the former, but were treated to the debut live performances of two songs, “The Amazing Sounds of Orgy” and “Skirting On the Surface” (videos of both below).

Bloom, the new CD’s opener was also the first song of the night.  The band’s bravery in playing every aspect of this live is very much a high wire act.  There are several different rhythms taking place and there were moments when it sounded like it was all about to fly apart – but then it all came together and ended as a proper rock song.

Highlights for me were “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” from In Rainbows, the back to back mellow mix of “The Daily Mail/Pyramid Song”, the very soulful rendition of “Karma Police” (a song I’ve heard so many times I’m apathetic about it until I heard the way I did last night), the shockingly day glow eye burning light show that ended the first set with “Idioteque” and the pure beauty of “Give Up The Ghost”.

Couple of other notes.  What makes Radiohead admirable, but others find “self indulgent” (you know who you are) is the band’s apathy towards making set lists that will set the crowd afire.  A man in front of me pronounced that he, “felt ‘Creep’ coming on”, and I instantly felt sorry for the old guy.  No, what he got was a 2nd encore that not only started not with a loud rock uptempo, but the complete opposite in “Give Up the Ghost“.  And just to step on the throat of everyone in the audience waiting for a “rock song”, they rolled out one that “you’ve never heard before, ever”, in “Skirting on the Surface”.

Sure, they ended with the much beloved, and rightfully so, “Paranoid Android“, but in the two hours leading up to that moment Radiohead was doing what they wanted and leaving me with even a worse case of tinnitus than I came in with.



















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Dallas Cars & Coffee 2/4/12

This morning was a cold, but beautiful day for Cars & Coffee.  If you don’t know about these events, they are just massive get togethers of car lovers of all kinds.  These events can be found all over the country, but in Dallas they are the first Saturday of each month at Classic BMW in Plano.  Today was an amazing turnout with everything from a McLaren, to the new Fiskers four doors, an old Land Rover, new Ferrari 459, to an Aventador.  Plus a tremendous collection of classic cars and other awesome sleds.

There was actually an accident, as told to me 3rd hand, that a woman in a maroon Camero SS had a seizure and ran into a blue Z06 Corvette, which pushed it into another Z06, this one yellow… There are a few pics of the aftermath… No word on the woman’s condition, but I can tell you the owners of the two ‘vettes was in terrible mental condition.


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Man Beats Woman with Frozen Armadillo

In Dallas a man meets a women to sell her a frozen armadillo for eating.  Really.

They get into an argument over the price of the read animal, and the man begins to hit her with the cold, hard carcass.

The man fled and police are looking for him for potential assault charges.

Selling armadillos for eating is illegal in Texas, but gosh, they look so appetizing and yummy

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