Best. Nerd. Bachelor. Party. Ever.

This ad posted in the Washington DC area for a bachelor party that sounds like it’s just a powder keg of “out of control” just waiting to explode.

The ad is for a woman who can act as the Dungeon Master (DM) for a game of Dungeon & Dragons (D&D) – it’s preferred he has a specific bra size, willing to appear topless and have a working knowledge of the game.  For those not familiar (peet: and if you’re not, we may not be able to be friends) D&D is a long time fantasy game played in a group with books, dice, cards, painted figures, a heavy dose of nerd and one person is the DM.  The DM is the person that controls the game and is kinda like a referee.

For this bachelor party the following odd request was made:

Looking for a woman with Dungeon Master experience in Dungeons and Dragons (specifically 3.0 or 3.5 editions) to run a game. The event is for a Bachelor Party and the “future husband to be” would prefer if the DM could be topless. With that said, I ensure you that nothing else is expect of you other than an exciting adventure.

There are requirements too!

  • Dungeon Master experience in Dungeons and Dragons (preferably in 3rd or 3.5 Editions)
  • Must be able to provide a picture including the face and body (No nudes please.)
  • It is preferable that cup size be at least C or greater.
  • If books are needed it must be stated ahead of time however it would be preferable if the DM had her own.

And this promise:

There will be 5 “guys” that will be participation including myself. We are at all above the age of 24. Each of us are gentlemen and will treat the Dungeon Master with the utmost of respect.

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When Your Diaper Fetish Becomes Criminal

Eric Carrier, 24, has some sort of fetish – and whether it is the diaper, baby-play, scatilogical or mothering kind of fetish isn’t clear.  What is clear is that Carrier has been arrested for trying to con an unsuspecting woman to unknowingly be involved in his fetish(s)… again.

Carrier (pic right) was arrested late last week and charged with a single felony count of attempt to commit indecent exposure.  The story around this charge comes from the allegation that on Craigslist he had posed as a 22 year old disabled man with a brain injury that prevented him from owning control of his own bowels, therefore in need of an adult caregiver for assistance with changing his diapers and other personal hygiene.

A woman reported to police that she answered the Craigslist posting and met Carrier on September 12th where he asked her if she would changed his soiled diaper.  She refused, was suspicious and contacted police.  While investigating, police found out that Carrier had a history of such requests.  A year ago Carrier was charged with indecent exposure after another Craigslist posting, again posing as a disabled person, solicited five different women.  While he was convicted of indecent exposure, the police investigation turned up even more women with similar claims, but the statute of limitations had expired.

This recalls one of the great stories of all time – Sean Kelly – the Florida man who was charged with using Craigslist to dupe women into coming to his home to care for his “mentally disabled brother” who was in need of hand feeding, diaper and bottle care.  Of course, as we all now know, that brother was actually Kelly himself.

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Craigslist Never Intended To Be Used This Way

A Twin Falls, ID woman is the victim of a terrible prank (or was it?), resulting in her being attacked and almost raped, twice, all because of fake Craiglist postings created by her own husband.

The unidentified woman called police Friday morning last week reporting a disturbance.  She claims that in the early hours she had a knock on the door and a strange man was standing there and said, “I’m here for you,”  and he forced his way into her house.  She ran and got her gun, but the two scuffled for it.  The gun fired, but didn’t hit either of them and the man escaped and drove off.  Saturday afternoon the woman called police again, this time a different man knocked on her door and police this time arrived to find this suspect being held at gunpoint by the woman.

The man claims that he was only responding to a posting on Craigslist in their “Casual Encounters” section from a woman who had a fantasy of being forcibly raped.  He had exchanged several emails with the person posting the request and was able to show them to police from his cell phone.  Police were able to trace the posting and its origins back to Justin Crawford.  Crawford, who works for the National Guard, had his home searched by police and eventually admitted to being involved in both attempted rapes, setting up the email and the Craiglist ads.  Posing as the victim in the ad, he instructed the two men to continue with the fantasy no matter how much (she) fought back.

Turns out the woman is actually Crawford’s wife and that he’d posted the ads posing as her without her knowledge or consent.  Crawford is in jail on $100,000 bond and charged with solicitation of rape and burglary.


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The “I Own a Victoria’s Secret” Sex Scam

Gregory John Schaffer has one creative imagination.  The New Jersey man is in jail after being accused of using Craigslist to lure a teenaged girl in a “sex contract” and then raping her.

The girl had posted on the site that she needed a summer job.  Schaffer (peet: as seen in the pic from his Facebook page, and I’m guessing he’s not really in the Navy) responded, asked her to meet him for an interview claiming to be the owner of several Victoria’s Secret locations in the area.  Once he ‘hired’ her, he asked her to sign two documents, which she did without reading.  Schaffer told her that what she’d just signed was a “sex contract”.  He proceeded to tell her that she had to allow him to take naked pics of her, have sex with him and if she didn’t do what he told her to, he could legally have her grandmother jailed for breach of contract.

He then assaulted her.

Schaffer was arrested at his home where more pictures of naked young girls were found and police believe they too may have been victims of Schaffer’s scams.

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PeeWee Herman Loves This Story

Danny Lesh is a man in love with his bike.  It’s a Cannondale hybrid he paid $600 for back in the late 1900’s.  As an avid cyclist the bike means a lot to him, so when it was stolen Lesh began a big adventure that finishes with a happy ending.

Lesh’s bike was stolen after a friend had secured it with your standard cable bike lock.  Obviously those are easily defeated by any thief with a will and a way.  With his bike missing and he began to look around to see if anyone was trying to sell it, and sure enough on Craigslist (where else?) he found his bike, for sale – asking price?  $100.  Lesh knew this was his bike because of a specific sticker he’d placed on the bike and was clearly visible in the picture on the Craigslist ad.  He called the police who told them they couldn’t look into it immediately.  Lesh had to act.

Lesh quickly made the decision to respond to the ad and set up a time to meet the seller/thief.  He went to the location when the man and the bike emerged from an alley and Lesh asked to take it for a “test ride”.

Lesh hopped on the bike, started peddling, and simply rode home – never looking back.

The thief called Lesh on his cell several times, leaving messages that if the bike wasn’t returned he was going to call the police.  Lesh responded with a Craiglist ad of his own posting his story and the warning that expensive bikes for sale on the site may likely be stolen goods.  “Honestly… I couldn’t help feeling bad for all the other people he’d stolen bikes from,” Lesh said


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Wanted: My Speed Metal Baby Daddy

A Craigslist ad in the Chicago area was wanting something totally different – even for Craigslist.  In the “Missed Connections” section of the site, a 28 year old woman is looking for a man she met, and apparently had rather rough, unprotected bathroom sex with at a Megadeth/Motorhead concert on Feb 10th.

“Me: Blue hair, silver tube top, fishnets, Knee-high black biker boots. You: Red mohawk, black pentagram gauges, viper piercings,” the post said.

“I was grinding on you in the pit, then we went to the bathroom, and for fucked up.  You had a nice cock and I was wasted so I let raw dog it in the stall.  You were really good and you had to gag me so I would make too much noise.

“Anyway I’m pregnant. It’s yours. Contact me if you want to be part of your child’s life.”


Pretty much the single most outstanding Craigslist ad, ever.  It’s been pulled from the site, so we don’t know if the rather sexually free woman has found her man.


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Craigslist Was Not Intended For This Use

Shane Walker and Sarah Dae Walker and Robert Aucker are three really sick, twisted fucks.

The Arizona residents have been arrested and accused of using a Craigslist ad titled “WIFE LOOKING FOR A K9”  to conspire and commit beastiality.

The Walkers, a self described married “swingers” couple with an “open marriage”, worked with Aucker to use Craiglist to find a dog that Sarah would have sex with while Shane and Robert watched.  Aucker told police that he and Sarah have been in a relationship for a month and she had disclosed to him her desire to have sex with a dog.

Once decided as a group they wanted to do this, they searched Craigslist for three weeks resulting in a trading of emails with a dog’s owner who they would met up with for the purpose of beastiality.  They even offered the male golden shepherd mix’s owner a chance to participate, but the person they were communicating with was an undercover detective (who had spotted the ridiculously titled ad).  The three admitted their plan, but were arrested before sex acts with the dog took place.

Oddly enough this isn’t the first case of Craigslist being used to shop for beastiality in Arizona.  Just a year ago the same county sheriff made two different arrests, a handyman and a teacher, in different cases of Craigslist being used for that purpose.

The three have been released, are under electronic monitoring and best of all, been instructed to give up their own dogs.

Craigslist’s Secret World of Bestiality: 3 Arrested:



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