Suicide By Crocodile

The mysterious disappearance of a 36-year-old Thai woman may have been solved  when it was revealed she may have committed suicide by throwing herself into a local crocodile pit.

The woman, long suffering from depression and money problems, told her husband that she was going out to see a doctor, but she never returned.  She was spotted on security cameras entering the crocodile farm on the outskirts of Bangkok.  The official word from the farm was a denial that the woman disappeared there, but the husband is alleging that workers from the farm have confided in him that she in fact did die at the farm, but only after she “jumped intentionally” into the croc pit.

The husband claims that a representative of the farm has called to make a settlement, but he stated publicly that he didn’t want to press charges – he only wants the truth out in the open and the farm not to cover up the incident.


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The Porn Addicted Babysitter

Amanda Owens, 18, was caught by a man who’d hired her to babysit breaking into his house via the doggie door.

After realizing stuff was missing, he set up a video camera that caught her entering and as you can tell from her mug shot, she isn’t hard to identify.

Amanda insists that she needed to steal goods to pawn them to fund …. her porn addiction.

via the UK Daily Mail

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