Don’t Put Your Kid in the Trunk

Johnny Nguyen is a dad in the Orlando area that was not very happy with his 5 year old daughter when she was acting up in church.  So, he took her outside and put her in the trunk of his car.

Once the girl began to cause a disturbance in Sunday church, a witness across the street from the Church of the Nazarene saw Nguyen throw the girl into the trunk of the car on a day it was 97 degrees.  The witness called 911 and her husband confronted Nguyen to get him to let the girl out.

When police arrived he told police he was disciplining his daughter, and that he loved her very much.  He also pointed out that the back seats were down and she had plenty of room and air.

Nguyen was arrested and charged with child abuse.

It Happened In Florida

A teacher of seven former students has been arrested after it was found out she had gathered the kids and injured them during some sort of bizarre ritual.  Two of the children suffered burns and/or cuts at the hands of Danielle Harkins, a teacher that each of the seven kids had at some point had at an area community center for Asian families.

One of the boys was burned during the ritual to “rid their bodies of demons” when Harkins poured perfume on his hand and then lit it on fire.  Another had a cut on his neck from a broken bottle, which was cauterized with a key Harkins heated with a lighter.  None of the children will reveal many of the details of the event, held around a small fire at St. Petersberg Pier.  In fact, none of the teens told their parents, and it was only when one teen texted details about it to another teen (who was not there).  That teen showed the text to their parents, who then reported it to authorities.  Even now, no one really knows why the teens gathered with their former teacher, or why they stuck around long enough for her to injure any of them.

Harkins has been arrested on child abuse charges, and friend say that she has recently gone through a nasty divorce and had taken up some extreme religious beliefs.


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Stephanie Irene Santana is 20 and pregnant with her second child.  She is also in a lot of trouble.

Santana was arrested early Tuesday morning when she was found asleep in her car, with the engine running, and obviously drunk.  Her 1 year old daughter was in the car, along with beer and a bottle of Xanax.  Santana also failed a field sobriety test.

But witnesses say that Santana earlier had parked her car, left her daughter inside and entered a Houston area tattoo parlor for a piercing.  She was denied because she was drunk and as she left the business witnesses saw the daughter in the car.  Santana was taken to a local area hospital for an evaluation, was charged with driving while intoxicated and endangering a child and the daughter was turned over to Child Protection Services.

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Meet Oklahoma’s Best Mommy

Daiquiri Miller, 34, gave birth to her seventh child in late March, and promptly had the child taken out of her custody.

For the seventh time.

Miller is a known drug addict and prostitute.  She told authorities that she’d been using pot and cocaine throughout the pregnancy and the newborn tested positive for cocaine.  She even asked health services, “what took you so long”?  The sad news is that she is seven for seven on having her children taken from her because of neglect and abuse.

Dating back to 1997 when her first child was found with a broken leg to 2006 when she was arrested in a car smoking crack with a man and her four month old daughter in the car with her.  Seven of her children were fathered by four different men.   Somehow despite being arrested for prostitution multiple times and child abuse counts, she has not only avoided jail, she’s been able to procreate.  She is currently in jail and faces as much as life in prison.

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And This Too Happened in Florida

And we also have a “Dad of the Year” nominee, although maybe we just give it to him?

Michael Lee Mitchell was arrested on Tuesday after being charged with various accounts of child abuse when it was alleged that he had used dog shock collars (wonder what radio show he listens to?) on his two daughters as a form of punishment.

But that isn’t all.

It seems that Mitchell was really into unique forms of punishment that focus on extreme forms of physical exercise.  The girls, ages eight and four, reported to authorities that their father would force them to run “suicides” that included running repeated sprints, flutter kicks, push and sit-ups.  He also had made one of the girls run along side his moving car for three miles.

When all of that wasn’t enough, he then turned to the dog shock collar, and while threatening to place it around their necks he put it around the arm of the older girl and the waist of the younger.  The eight year old says that at one point noticed Dad wasn’t looking so she took of the collar and ran into the woods.

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