Roku Takes It to the Next Level

If I wasn’t a total Apple lemming and already married to my AppleTV device, I would have bought a Roku TV streaming device.

Roku makes a line of really, really nice streaming devices that sends Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Disney and a whole bunch of other content into your TV.

Today Roku announced the 2012 release of a new version of the device called the “Streaming Stick” which will plug into a TV’s HDMi port and provide the same services as their hockey puck sized boxes.  The stick, which looks like your standard USB flash drive, will actually need a newer set that supports the new MHL-compliant HDMi input.. This allows for control from the set’s remote, versus Roku having to supply a separate remote with the stick.

Additionally it is expected the Stick will sell for less than $50, and should be in stores by Q2 2012.  Best Buy is expected to announce that they will include the Streaming Stick with their in-house line of TV’s, Insignia.

Roku will officially show off the device at the upcoming CES.


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Man Threatens to Blow Up Best Buy

Lomorin Sar was arrested Tuesday morning outside of his local Best Buy after threatening to blow up the store, along with several other violent suggestions because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had sold out.

Claiming he had pre-orderd the game he threatened store employees, telling them he would shoot them when they left the store, and then blow the Best Buy into smithereens.

He was arrested after being pulled over by police down the street from the store.  Maybe he won’t feel so silly when he hears that a shipment in France worth $500,000 was stolen by men using tear gas on a delivery truck over the weekend.

Certainly he would have been just as upset if it had been Madden, right?

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