Me & Mr Jobs

Following Apple’s announcement of the iPhone4S on Tuesday, I just had a sense that something was off and just not right. I assumed it was that Jobs wasn’t there, but now we all know there was a larger cloud hanging over the event. Seconds after I learned of his death, it dawned on me just […]

Taste the Rainbow

Yeah, watch this, but it is NSFW, I guess.

Star Trek – TNG, Finally coming to Blu Ray

This alone is a big deal, but the news is they are transferring these from the original film stock.  Also they are reportedly reshooting all of the special effects.

The “Breast Milk Spraying Mom” Loses Job

The woman who sprayed Delaware County sheriff’s deputies with breast milk while resisting arrest last weekend has been fired from her teaching job, according to documents obtained byThe Dispatch today after a public-records request. Stephanie Robinette, 30, of Westerville, had been a teacher at Summit Academy on Columbus’ East Side. A letter in her personal […]