Woman Sues Over Ryan Gosling’s “Drive”

Sarah Deming of Michigan has sued the distributor of the dark, gun trafficking movie, “Drive”. She claims that because of the trailer widely shown in the weeks up to the flick’s release, she was led to believe it was more of something Vin Diesel appear.  Her attorney is actually claiming the movie and the trailers […]

It Happened In Florida – “The Gotcha”

A 45 year old man fell of his 65 foot luxury yacht called, “The Gotcha”, and… um… errr… …into the propellers. He reportedly fell from a diving board on the back of the vessel, fell off and was dragged under and became the meal of the giant blades. It is not known if alcohol was […]

Shiner Killed in Pumpkin Fest Parade

59 year old Marvin Tarbox, Jr (yes, Tarbox was his last name) was died from injuries suffered while jumping his go-kart over a SUV. The stunt went wrong when the forward ramp failed, the kart flipped end over end and then, to make things worse, other Shiners then ran over Tarbox with their karts unaware […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Trailer

November 8th. Have you prepared your friends and family you’ll be busy for a while?       Related articles Entire world explodes in Modern Warfare 3 single-player trailer (joystiq.com)