I voted, just not for President

I voted Tuesday, just not for POTUS.

I’ve been openly mentioning this concept for the last couple of months, mostly because I’ve been trying to convince myself I was doing the right thing.  I was hoping an argument against, one I found to be reasonable and thoughtful enough to change my mind, would surface – but it hasn’t and won’t.

My efforts were focused on all of the other races; national, state and local of which probably will far more impact my reality than the predictable wall of White House noise and gridlock coming our way – no matter who wins.

I take voting a bit differently from some.  I see my vote as my personal stamp of approval.  If I believe a person is qualified, justified and able to fulfill the duties of that office or role, i’ll happily darken the square next to their name.  Voting, for me, is not some means simply to help a candidate “get over the top” in the number of votes they need to win that office.  This isn’t American Idol or a modern take  Top40 radio’s “Make It or Break it!”.  We’re deciding who’s going to lead this nation, and you’d think our selection of this office over the last few generations would have taught us something by now.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump I simply just can not find it in my being to give either my vote.  I find them equally awful, for very different reasons.

I believe one to be wholly unqualified and the other totally disqualified.

So, today – Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – for the first time in my adult life – I did not give my vote to anyone for President of the United States.  I did not write in a candidate, as I did in 2012, and I did not fall back on any of the third party candidates as I did in 2008.  I’ve been told by friend on both sides I am “chickening out”, I need to “man up” and that I am “being irresponsible”.  My retort is to remind them there is no law or obligation to vote in any race.  Your ballot will count for those races in which you place votes.

I did not vote for any to be President, and that’s my story.

The 25K foot free fall

yes, this happened.  not much to tell, the video does the work.

Is this the funniest thing from SNL in, like, forever?

I record SNL each week, and they pretty much stack up unwatched until the wife erases the folder.

Why?  Because the show has become woefully unfunny.  If there is ever anything worth watching it is almost exclusively involving Kate McKinnon, Justin Timberlake  or  – it’s a pre-recorded bit.

Certainly the time and thought that goes into creating these shorts provides a level of freedom and polish the live sketches so very lack.

This weekend with Martin Freeman as the host, maybe the very best short they’ve ever done was shown.  The Hobbit + The Office = great.

While I wasn’t looking, drone photography got very cool

I’ve had a passing fascination with the idea you could buy a quad copter for a few hundred buck and fly it around your hood.  In fact, in the last year the many posts of people creating really compelling videos of landmarks and events from above.  With sweeping shots of buildings and monuments from perspectives you’ve never seen from previously.  It’s all really neat.

This weekend I was at a local hobby shop and when I pulled into the parking lot everyones face was gawking skyward.  I realized what they were looking at was a drone and it’s camera.  The operator, a store clerk, was using a standard two toggle control with his Galaxy 5S mounted on it.  The drone had a ball shaped camera underneath and was sending live video back to the phone, while also recording full 1080p/60fps.  The control over the drone was stunning.  It was a windy day and the drone moved about as if it was still outside.  He could send the thing far enough away that I would lose site of it in the sky and he pointed out that all he had to do was press a button and via GPS the unit would simply return back to his location.  Sure enough it came zooming back into view, slowed down and landed near us.

That package, the Blade QX3 350, sells for less that $1000.  That’s a lot of money, but considering the technology, that sure seems a good price.

Doing some digging now it seems there is a growing list of drones that will fly and shoot video while following you automatically.  Meant for those extreme sports guys, who all love to video their fun, now can do it alone.  The Hexo+ and AirDog are small drones that connect to the user via a tracking device and simply take flight and follow your movements, actions and spills all while shooting full HD video.

Now, I realize I’m really late to this party, but I assume that many are.  I’m told every six month a bigger (or smaller), badder more versatile drone hits the market and in short time, what is possible is going to be very much like having a robot pet follow you wherever you go.

Maybe I do watch a lot of videos online

The Verge posted this and I really enjoyed it.

Don’t want to spoil the twist, the interesting spin on a midwestern father/son in the 60’s after a UFO crashes into their field.

I think the kid actor is really great.  It appears to be a couple of years old and won several awards.  Enjoy.


Mad Max promises proper destruction

George Miller has created a new, proper, Mad Max movie and it arrives in 2015.

Watch the trailer and you will see what the old pro is capable of creating, even after all these years.

Funny, I’ve been lamenting the onslaught of “destruction porn” run of movies in the last few years.  Especially those based around comic book characters (how many times do we save the Earth?), but here, the full on spectacle of hopeless mayhem and utter lack of concern for human life is something to look forward to.  If only because it looks so beautifully choreographed.

Put 7:46 of your time to good use

I’m not one to sit and watch a batch of videos online.  But every once in a while I come across something that I think is really clever, different and worth watching.

This is a great example of that.  A sci-fi short called “Time Trap” by Michael Shanks.  It’s got a low-fi vibe, but one particularly interesting hi-fi time travel concept and I think you’ll enjoy.

If the US can get back to space exploration, I can update my blog

I’ve been wanting to update this site for a long time, but laziness and Destiny have been keeping that from happening.

This morning I woke up and via a tweet was reminded the good ol’ USofA was just minutes away from returning to space.  Punched a link just in time to watch the launch of Orion, the country’s new stab at putting people on Mars.  This mission is more about testing these new rockets and other stuff and this particular launch is un-manned. If you’re interested in learning more, this article in Air & Space is a good starting point.

Anyway, for reasons I can’t fully explain, seeing that pushed me to decide I was going to try and start posting here again…On the regular.

Let’s see if my commitment is equal to all those smart space engineers.

You just witnessed sports history

Make no mistake about it, Germany’s 7-1 complete and total destruction of Brazil will reside as one of sport’s greatest, most unforgettable moments.  In no way could anyone reasonable anticipate that Brazil would lose in a World Cup semifinal, as the host nation – forget a scenario where they give up five goals in about 30 minutes.

Really, we were more likely to see Jerry Jones the Owner, fire Jerry Jones the General Manager.

The reality is Brazil had not been firing on all cylinders for a while.  The dirty secret is the current Brazil team was better at defending than attacking, something almost in itself unbelievable.  But it could be seen repeatedly throughout Brazil’s six World Cup games in the last 5 weeks.  Even with Neymar the team in yellow just wasn’t the fluid, pass happy, ball possession team we all think about when considering Brazil.  Nope, this Brazil was far more physical, direct and well, just not very Brazilian in style.  So when the team lost Thiago Silva, not Neymar, for the semi-final it should have been the bigger concern for the team.  Neymar was the star, it’s LeBron, and was leaning so heavily on the kid for attacking prowess, but it was Silva in the back who was organizing, captaining and making sure all was tidy in the back.  Losing both its key pieces to attack and defending was just too much – but it was the loss of Silva that allowed Germany to just push the Brazilian wall a little harder, and it all came tumbling down.

Brazil is out of the World Cup hosted in Brazil.  Brazil lost “SEVEN to ONE”.  It’s just too unimaginable to believe.

David Fincher is good at movies

Fincher’s next movie, “Gone Girl” will arrive soon, but we now have a full-on Fincher edited trailer.  From it we certainly can only tell that Ben Affleck is just as suspicious as a suspect in his own wife’s disappearance as we all think he is in real life.