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Bankrobber Used The Creepiest Mask

via WFAA

A Dallas area bank robber dubbed, “The Handsome Guy Bandit”, because of the mask he used in a string of bank robberies has been caught after a chase and gunfire in Mississippi.

Steven Ray Milam, 44, of Tyler, Texas and the owner of a discount casket store (really), is suspected to be the guy that has robbed as many as a half dozen Dallas area banks in the last year.  The last one included an exchange of gunfire with the responding police as he was attempting to get away from the scene.

In that exchange police figured out his identity and a manhunt has been on for him since.  He was spotted in Jackson County, Mississippi today and the local sheriff department chased him for a while, complete with three spike-strips and the shooting out of his tires.  Milam reportedly was taking a handful of pills as police approached and he was taken to a local hospital for medical care.

Now, the crazy part of this is the very expensive mask he was wearing in this string of bank heists.  Made by SPFX masks, they can cost as much as $800 and can be disturbingly life like.  The company makes several different models, from an old man, to a “Inbred”, to a middle aged black guy.  Now, the video from the company showing off the “Handsome Guy” mask (that is what the company calls it and how the robber got his nickname) is a totally over the top creep-fest.  For three minutes someone preens for the camera showing off how the rubber thing moves and close-ups of the hair follicle, moles and other way too realistic features.

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Call 9-11! Stat!



The Texas Ranger Fever is an epidemic here in Dallas.  Lot’s of caps, jerseys and t-shirts.

But today, I saw a first.  This guy.

Call an ambulance.  I think his infection has gone to his head and will surely kill him before Monday.

Wearing a Josh Hamilton shirt, but one that is a giant photo, sublimated onto the fabric (like drifit).  It is a full pic on the front and back of the shirt.  It is amazing.  I can’t decide if I am impressed he’s that dedicated, or just think its just about the gayest thing I’ve see in a while.

Yes, I was at In & Out.  don’t judge.




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Finally, Some Wet

Texas is experiencing its worst drought in recorded history.  Yeah, worse than the Dust Bowl.  Over 90% of the state has been in the highest level of drought, “exceptional” for several months.

Yesterday a weather system started on the western edge of the state and began to bring serious amounts of rain.  The amazing part is that five or six inches, while welcome will not resolve the situation.  Most of the state is well over 10 inches behind in rain.  But this does help and is a start.  It is needed as this winter is predicted to be a dry one for Texas.

I got 1.14″ starting Saturday night.  The Dallas area, while also in drought conditions, is better off than the majority of the state.


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