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David Fincher is good at movies

Fincher’s next movie, “Gone Girl” will arrive soon, but we now have a full-on Fincher edited trailer.  From it we certainly can only tell that Ben Affleck is just as suspicious as a suspect in his own wife’s disappearance as we all think he is in real life.

And this happened, right under our noses

Woke up Saturday morning to find out the great Bill Watterson had been drawing, in secret for three days worth of strips, right our collective noses. Now, I haven’t been reading the comic pages on the regular for some time, but those there are those that do who were suspicious about what exactly was going […]

and… we’re back.

It’s been over a year since I paid any attention to this site. I started it because I was simply interested in having a new place to share and experiment with stuff.  It seemed like a good platform for distributing the nutty stories I read on the interweb.  But then, as do many things I […]

GeekOut Update

For the time being I will be limiting my updates to twitter.  Please follow me @thegeekout and on Facebook I will be posting headlines and news to both of those several times a day. At some point I hope to get the site back running, but there is a larger project in the works that […]

CES 2013 in Review

Its over and gone.  But are we the better for it?  The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show no longer is the place for the dramatic reveal of a gadget or gizmo that will change your life forever. Since Apple, Google, Microsoft have all left to hold their own media gobbling events on their own terms, and […]

The Wonderful “Homemade Toy Story”

In 2010, at the ages of 18 & 19, Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta began to remake scenes from the classic Pixar movie, Toy Story with toys, action figures and real people.  But once they started, they couldn’t stop and now have ended up with a full remake of the 1995 movie that you must make […]

Top Gun Gets BluRay/3D Release

It is the movie that pushed kids into flying fast.  It’s the movie that made some people feel a little gay.  Top Gun, the 80’s icon of Tom Cruisery is getting a remastering and full HD and 3D treatment. Director Tony Scott, before his passing last year, oversaw the remastering process and promises to give […]

Love/Hate – The New C7 Corvette is Here

At the Detroit auto show on Sunday evening the long awaited, and much rumored unveiling of the 2014 Corvette took place.  The model, the C7, will be available sometime in the third quarter of this year and is expected to start in the $50K range. The biggest talking point, as always, is the design.  The […]

Stripper Falls to Death

It’s one of those deaths that are just simply tragic, but kinda so ridiculous, you laugh. 22-year-old Lauren Block, a stripper at Christie’s Caboret in Cleveland fell from a second story stage while performing a lap dance.  The man on the receiving end of the dance explained what he saw in the police report: “He stated […]

Dreadlocks as a Weapon

Over in Portland, Oregon, Caleb Grotberg, 32, faces counts of second-degree kidnapping, second-degree attempted assault, fourth-degree assault, menacing and domestic violence.  Why?  Because his girlfriend is accusing him of assault and attempting to choke her out with his dreadlocks. Monday morning Portland police responded to a domestic violence call and met up with Grothberg’s girlfriend […]