Apparently one can tear their anus…

Very late into the World Cup semi final between Argentina and Holland, the Argie midfielder, Javier Mascherano tracked back and made a game saving tackle of Arjen Robbin.  When I write “game saving” it literally was just that.  If not for Mascherano, Robbin likely would have easily scored and the Dutch would have been almost certainly marched into the Final.  Here’s the fateful moment:



After the game Javier admitted what most certainly is a painful and awful injury: “I thought I had slipped, I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I tore my anus on that move, the pain… it was terrible. I threw myself into it. I could have been sent off. It could have been a penalty, but anyone could have done that, I had the luck to get there.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.17.16 AM









Really, tearing one’s anus can only be surmounted as the worst possible injury by “testicular torsion“, right?