And this happened, right under our noses

Woke up Saturday morning to find out the great Bill Watterson had been drawing, in secret for three days worth of strips, right our collective noses.

Now, I haven’t been reading the comic pages on the regular for some time, but those there are those that do who were suspicious about what exactly was going on inside Pearls Before Swine.  In fact, a rather serious debate was going on as to the legitimacy of the idea that Watterson would play along for something like this.

Anyway, turns out it’s true.  Bill Watterson drew these panels.  They are funny, beautiful and bring back all the good feelings of a Calvin & Hobbs strip.

Enjoy, ’cause after this attention Watterson is likely to scurry back into his hermit hole for another decade.

and… we’re back.

It’s been over a year since I paid any attention to this site.

I started it because I was simply interested in having a new place to share and experiment with stuff.  It seemed like a good platform for distributing the nutty stories I read on the interweb.  But then, as do many things I touch, it became a burden and I got tired of it.  For reasons I can’t explain I felt obligated to post multiple things a day, each morning and tried to make it a habitual thing.  But in doing so it also became a chore.

About a week ago my friend that owns the ISP that hosts the site contacted me because he was getting repeated warnings about my space on his server getting pinged by “bots” or whatever nefarious things try to attack WordPress sites to take them over and distribute Kenyan money phishing schemes.  My theme had fallen out of date, its creator had stopped providing updates and I was in need of correcting that.

I dug around for a theme, found something I liked, and decided it was a good time to get back into it.

Oh, and because I’ve got time on my hands.

The theme I’ve picked is loaded with gizmos and features.  It will be in flux for a while as I learn what I can do, can’t, like and dislike.  I won’t be posting lots each day, or even every day.  But, it’s working again and so will I.