Love/Hate – The New C7 Corvette is Here


At the Detroit auto show on Sunday evening the long awaited, and much rumored unveiling of the 2014 Corvette took place.  The model, the C7, will be available sometime in the third quarter of this year and is expected to start in the $50K range.

The biggest talking point, as always, is the design.  The new ‘Vette will certainly get the comment section trolls a-typin’ as it marries some visual components from several different cars, while retaining a very Corvette feel overall.  Oddly, the one new design element that has the most outcry are the taillights which are now more squared out and combined which is totally against traditional Vette tail ends, and it does make the car look a lot like several other Chevy products.

But the great news is performance.  The base model, referred again as the Sting Ray, provides specs that Chevy promises will outdo the current upgrade model of the Corvette, the Grand Sport.  “0-60 in under four seconds”, is the promise and if that is the case with a base model car, rather impressive.   And while it will take a visit in person versus just seeing it in pictures, the interior promises a quantum leap in quality – maybe the current car’s biggest  knock.

Here’s a bunch of links to sites that have seen and touched the car, although there are yet to be any test drives.

Let the debating begin.


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