CES 2013 in Review

pebble-watch Its over and gone.  But are we the better for it?  The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show no longer is the place for the dramatic reveal of a gadget or gizmo that will change your life forever.

Since Apple, Google, Microsoft have all left to hold their own media gobbling events on their own terms, and E3 is where we will most likely finally get details on new gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft in June – the modern day CES is more for the independent, little guys… That and TV makers.

Yes, TV’s.  That industry has a problem.  They’ve gotten just about everyone to buy a flat panel of some sort in the last five years, and now they need new customers.  So, they’ve ginned up all sorts of new features like 3D and smart apps that are supposed to make you want another, newer TV.  This year they added “Ultra HD” or “4K”, and even some new form factors but higher resolutions are only so good to the average consumer if the sets are affordable (which they are not yet) and if the content available is also at those some resolutions (which it pretty much isn’t).

What was interesting was the release of a few new handheld gaming devices.  The Razor’s Edge, a tablet running Windows 8 and brings full PC gaming experience to the tablet format along with some accessories to add to the experience.  Interesting idea and won “Best of CES” from different media outlets.  Nvidia also surprised people with the introduction of their own handheld device “Project Shield” which looks like an Xbox controller with a screen attached.

Smartwatches also were in high supply, with the near release of the long promised Pebble watch, which you connect via Bluetooth to your handheld device, the idea of not having to remove your phone from your pocket to do certain functions and get information is all the rage.  In fact, the idea of connection pretty much anything to your Android or iPhone is about as fever pitch as it can be.  From home security, to health monitoring, you can pretty much run your life from that phone of yours.

Sort thru the links below and get a sense of what happened.