Geekout Gift Guide Part 2

We got the computing stuff out of the way in part one, so let’s look at the really fun stuff.  There’s also now a Part 2.

Fitness Tech:  Fitbit has recently updated their lineup of devices and the new $50 Fitbit Zip is an ideally priced wearable device.  Think of it as a modern day pedometer, but it tells you so much more.. Steps, calories and distance are all measured and you can then sync that info to a device or computer to keep track of your progress and share with others.  For $40 more you can get the Ultra, that also measures your sleep activity.  The Nike FuelBand is very popular, and is very sleek (especially the new translucent “ice” version), but I’m not sure that what it reports back to you is very helpful considering the cost ($150).  It doesn’t really tell you anything the Fitbit doesn’t although it does calculate a value called “Nike Fuel” – a marketing gimmick, but one that reportedly is very encouraging.  The last entry is probably the best, but currently out of stock and hard to find.  Basis is a wearable device that looks like a watch, but monitors your heart rate, perspiration, movement and skin temperature.  All of this is then feed into a program on your computer that allow you to track this info and even make suggestions on how you can improve your activity levels.  It is expensive at $200, but the company aims for this to be a solid hardware/software package.  It is getting rave reviews after a delayed launch and the product sold out in its first day of availability late last month.


Vinyls: I have grown a weird love of toys that do nothing more than sit on a shelf.  I find many of them to be a great form of art, and some to just be cool.  My favorite is artists Frank Kozik’s line of “Smorkin Labbits”.  Plus anything that has a cigarette butt sticking out of it’s mouth.  Funko has produced a fun line covering the Walking Dead series, and the Daryll mini is in particularly high demand.  And if you really want to roll-cool, make yourself into a mini fig at MixeeMe.  For $25 you can custom make your own little vinyl of yourself or something crazy of your own creation, all via an online creator, and the company will 3d print the little thing out and ship it to you. All of these make for outstanding stocking stuffers.

BluRay:  Hey, if you have a HDTV, and I assume 99% of you do, then you really should go buy a BluRay player.  This is the only way you can watch true 1080p HD without the crappy compression that Netflix and any cable/satellite company are going to mess up the image.  Also this is a great way to collect your favorite movies and TV shows.  Topping the list of timeliness is the release of The Dark Knight Rises, and now, you can get all three of Nolan’s trilogy in one package.  And if you are a total Harry Potter fanatic, there is now the shockingly huge “Wizard’s Collection” which is all the movies and extras covering 30+ discs, oh and its $300+.  And the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation on BluRay is really special.  A lot of work has gone into these episodes and the 2nd season has now also been released.

Toys: I love LEGOs but when I walked by a local LEGO store and saw this new B-Wing set in the window, I almost cried.  Comprised of almost 1500 pieces it is a great rendition of one of the most underated of Star Wars ships.  Hell, I’d take ANY Star Wars LEGO set and be happy as a clam.  And for the more adult troublemaker, why don’t you launch your own spy drone with the Parrot 2.0 quad copter.  Control it with your smartphone and fly over the neighbors and use the on-board HD camera to see what the hell is going on over there.