Brad Pitt Zombie Movie Gets a Trailer

World War Z is the upcoming movie based on the much loved book by Max Brooks.  Brad Pitt plays a United Nations worker who has to figure out how to stop the zombie breakout engulfing the world.  His wife is played by Mireille Enos (last seen in the very frustrating The Killing) and… there are a lot of zombies.  A. Lot.

From the trailer the zombies aren’t your typical slow movers.  No, these appear to have serious speed and are in enough numbers to scale walls by simply creating zombie ladders – a simple overwhelming mass of zombie bodies stacking on top of each other.  If there’s something I didn’t like about the trailer, these CGI sequences look very much like CGI sequences.

There is also a lot of controversy over how closely the movie follows the book and from the trailer it appears, not very close at all.

Enjoy and let everyone know what you think in the comments section.