New Slingboxes Are Here!

I have been a long time proponent/owner of Slingbox.  Don’t know what that is?  Well, Slingbox is a wonderful device that you connect to your home theater system and then allows you to watch the content from your DVR, Cable Box, etc pretty much anywhere you can get online.  It’s wonderful, and the good news is that after a very long wait, there are now two new Slingboxes for you.

Now in stores are the Slingbox 350 and 500.  Both will now stream full 1080p to the free desktop apps or to pretty much any handheld device (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and even other devices like Boxee.  The apps for most of those devices have been dropped in price from the way too expensive $30 to $15 (still pricey, especially if you have shelled out for the top-of-the-shelf model).

The 350 still requires you to find a way to hardwire the device to your home’s network to get it online.  This has always been one of the Slingboxes obstacles.  Not everyone has a wired outlet where their TV equipment is, so additional parts were needed to get the thing online.  The 500 solves that by adding wifi into its chassis, fixing that problem and additionally adds HDMI support.  Not only can you connect via HDMI there is a new option called “SlingProjector” which turns your Slingbox into a device for streaming content from your handheld onto your display.  Oh, and both now feature some oddly designed cases.

If you, or someone you know, travels a lot this is a worthy investment.  Paying for any of the “TV anywhere” services like Hulu, Netflix, etc are great but Slingbox gives you access to all the content that you have gathered on your DVR, and live TV.  And once you pay for the device (300/$180  500/$299) there are no extra monthly fees.