Minnie Mouse in The Leia Slave Costume?

Look, by now you’ve heard the news.  There is a massive amount of coverage of Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise that I won’t try to outdo.

But, while we are all concerned about how Disney will treat this, consider this very excited idea that was proposed to me by my buddy, Chris Ferrell (@RoundTableNerds), anyone up for a Joss Whedon written/directed Star Wars?   That idea does soften the blow of the news.  Odds are that Disney will go more JarJar and less Botta Fett, if you know what I mean, but they got The Avengers right, so I guess we gotta cut some slack and just wait and see what happens.

So 2015 for Star Wars VII, and what that means is very unclear (really old Luke and Leia?) and plans for VIII and IX to follow after that every couple of years.