Woman Really, Really Wants a Day Off

Sheila Bailey Eubank, a 48 year old San Antonio woman, was found by police inside her car bound with rope.  She told them she’d been carjacked and abducted, but what Eubank really was up to was trying to get a day off from work.

Eubank told police she had been in her car at 6:15am when a man jumped into her car while at a stop light, held a knife to her and instructed her to differing locations where she claims he held drug deals.  She said that the assailant also attacked her and choked her with a rope before tying her up and leaving her in the car.  The problem with the story was that police found her purse in the car along with a lottery ticket that was purchased in the timeframe which she claimed to have been in the middle of her kidnapping.  A video surveillance of the store where the ticket was purchased showed Eubank coming and going from the store without displaying any signs of distress or worry.  A video from an ATM that she claims she was forced to withdraw money showed no signs that anyone was with her at the time.

When confronted with the evidence, Eubank confessed that she had made up the entire story.  She was only trying to get a day off from work and “wanted attention”.

She now has been charged with Aggravated Perjury.

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