Making The Inheritance Happen Mo’ Faster

Nicole Boover, a 18 year old LSU student must have needed some cash because she is accused to trying to shoot her own mother in hopes that she would get inheritance money.

Last Monday afternoon Boover’s mother went to answer her own front door, looked through the peep hole and saw her daughter.  As she started to open the door Nicole raised a silver handgun, the mom shut the door and the daughter shot three times.  The mother was uninjured and called police.  The girl’s stepfather reported that he suspected she would return to her dorm room.  Once there police found the girl’s car with 18 year old Andrew Yuhas in Nicole’s car.  Nicole was arrested inside her dorm room.  While a gun was not found, marajauna was in both the room and car.

Yuhas was an accomplish to the murder plot that was intended to garner the girl a $500,000 inheritance and Yuhas had been promised a $50,000 cut.  The pair had brought gloves, duct tape and masks.  Yuhas told police that they were going to leave the state after the murder, but all of that was foiled when arrested.

Boover has been charged with attempted first degree murder.  Yuhas was charged with a count of being a fugitive suspected of serving as a principal to attempted first-degree murder.

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