Here Comes Xbox Music

Microsoft is about to show they’re not afraid to “try again” after the failure of the Zune music service with their launch of Xbox Music.  First appearing Tuesday (10/16) on Xbox 360’s and later on PCs, smartphones and tablets running Windows8 when it debuts on Oct 26th, the new offering looks to be full service.

Xbox Music will work in three parts.  A free streaming service with access to 30 million songs.  There will be ads inserted and after an amount of time access will be limited to a certain amount of hours.  There will be a paid version without ads and unlimited and users can pay to download any song from the catalog.

Users that have access to the service via multiple devices will be able to sync their music, and a it will also offer several similar music recommendation features like its competitors Spotify and Pandora.

With Microsoft reportedly spending over a billion dollars in marketing to promote Windows8, Xbox Music will be a focus point of interest to everyone long wanting to escape from iTunes.  Officials are claiming that apps for Android and iOS will arrive soon.