Is It a Creepy or Cool Gadget?

In November the group, OMG Life, will release a new camera designed to capture your daily existence and experiences and all you have to do is wear it.

Currently photography is contained to moments that are chosen by the person taking the picture, largely staged and previously thought out.  But what if you could have a day’s worth of adventures saved for you – as you experience them – without having to worry about pressing the shutter?  OMG’s new Autographer is a very interesting concept in that using a wide angle lens, a 5 megapixel low-light sensor and then by using a “brain” comprised of its ability to sense changes in light, color, motion, direction, temperature and GPS the Autographer knows when its a great time to shoot pics (wheeeeee, I’m repelling down a mountain side!) and when it’s not (Uh, I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my American Airlines flight, again).

The device will take thousands of high res pics over the day and then those pics are transferred via bluetooth to an app for handheld device for viewing, and/or then can be sent to a desktop where OMG provides custom software that creates a still image video you can share with any and everyone.

So, the idea that some device is actively deciding on what moments of your day it should capture without your intervention (and likely while you’ve long forgot you’re wearing it) is not only initially creepy, but fascinating.  The idea that you would have 1000’s of pics from a trip, party, event that you had no hand in staging, choosing or taking is wholly fascinating.

The Autographer hits the streets in November and it’s only other sticking point is the price, $650.  The price to spy on one’s self is not cheap it seems.

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