When Your Diaper Fetish Becomes Criminal

Eric Carrier, 24, has some sort of fetish – and whether it is the diaper, baby-play, scatilogical or mothering kind of fetish isn’t clear.  What is clear is that Carrier has been arrested for trying to con an unsuspecting woman to unknowingly be involved in his fetish(s)… again.

Carrier (pic right) was arrested late last week and charged with a single felony count of attempt to commit indecent exposure.  The story around this charge comes from the allegation that on Craigslist he had posed as a 22 year old disabled man with a brain injury that prevented him from owning control of his own bowels, therefore in need of an adult caregiver for assistance with changing his diapers and other personal hygiene.

A woman reported to police that she answered the Craigslist posting and met Carrier on September 12th where he asked her if she would changed his soiled diaper.  She refused, was suspicious and contacted police.  While investigating, police found out that Carrier had a history of such requests.  A year ago Carrier was charged with indecent exposure after another Craigslist posting, again posing as a disabled person, solicited five different women.  While he was convicted of indecent exposure, the police investigation turned up even more women with similar claims, but the statute of limitations had expired.

This recalls one of the great stories of all time – Sean Kelly – the Florida man who was charged with using Craigslist to dupe women into coming to his home to care for his “mentally disabled brother” who was in need of hand feeding, diaper and bottle care.  Of course, as we all now know, that brother was actually Kelly himself.

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