Cause You Can Never See Enough Live Music

One of the best fruits to bare from the interwebspace contraption is how easy it is to find new music, or even more about music that you already love.  “Back in my day” all of that work was heavy lifting at a local CD shop, fanzine/magazine reading or – ick – having to talk to others.  And while I very much miss visiting my local mom & pop shop to dig through records and listening to others scratched up CDs in the used section, music discovery via the ‘net is a rather darned awesome thing.

Making it better is the never ending and always expanding reach of services to guide you.  Along with the new streaming music services are sites and apps that give you additional information and one of the best is Songkick – a service that keeps you aware of when your bands are coming to town.

Songkick was started back in 2007 and claims to have the largest collection of tour information in the world.  Today it is a great free service that you connect to via an app for your Android/iPhone device, a plug-in type app for Spotify or connecting via your Facebook or LastFM accounts.

Songkick will scan your music collection in iTunes, on your device or wherever and then begin to send you alerts when a band from your music collection is going to appear in your area.  Not only will Songkick alert you to national acts big and small, but also those little, unsigned bands that you have in your collection, all get deserved attention with alerts when they are making an appearance at a local venue.  Lastly, there is even a tab that will show you all of the shows that are happening in your area on each night.  No matter if the band/artist is in your collection or not, all of the shows are there for you to look through.

The service is free, easy to use and the email alerts are not annoying.