He’s Got It Going On In His Pants

Byron Harvey spent the final portion of a self claimed drug-and-booze-fueled-36-hour-binge stealing a lot of merchandise, and stuffing it all into his pants.

Police were called our to a Bealls store in Indian River County, FL and met up with Harvey while he was in a dressing room.  While in there the police could hear and smell Harvey burning of the plastic wrappings from different products and when they opened the door found him stuffing the goods down his trousers.  In all $450 worth of clothes, shoes and other items had been jammed down his pants.

Police also found that Harvey still had room in a pocket for pills, which he quickly told police belonged to his girlfriend, who, he claimed, had been wearing the pants the prior day.

Harvey was arrested and charged with felony retail theft over $450, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance.