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If you live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, you likely are keenly aware of the importance of high school sports, specifically football.  Now, if you both live in the area and follow such things, you can download an app that sends you the latest in high school sports scores.

In fact, SportsDayHS even gives users real time scores and play-by-play tracking for 50+ football games each weekend.  The app connects with “stringers” at each of the games who are inputting game information/stats/scoring in real time and those results appear right there on your device.

The app also includes final box scores and stats for soccer, baseball, volleyball and softball all school year long, with standings and news headlines.

You can even set the app to push notify you final scores for specific schools and sports that you want to follow without having to open the app first.

The app is free and available via iTunes (download link) and Google Play.  This is the new “v2.0” of the app with significant enhancements and big fixes from the original version.

(disclaimer – I work for the company and was involved in the development of this app.  But because this is the only app of its kind in the country, and it is really worth a look if you live in Dallas and care about high school sports)

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