She Killed Me, So Killed Her

Larry Dunn admitted he killed his girlfriend last week – just minutes after having sex – because she’d informed him afterwards that she was HIV+.

Cicely Bolden’s half naked body was found by her two children in their Dallas area apartment as they returned from school.  Earlier that day Bolden had invited Dunn over, they’d recently begun dating, and the two had sex that afternoon.

Dunn – who was arrested, question and gave statements essentially admitting to the crime – told police that after they’d finished she told him she was HIV+, but then tried to soften the blow by telling him “its not that bad”.  Dunn, became upset because she had never told him this before this or anytime prior the pair had sex.  According to the affidavit, “he got up out of bed and walked to the kitchen and got a knife,” and began stabbing her — twice, he told detectives. She put up a brief struggle. Then, she fell to the floor, dead.”

Dunn says that he left the apartment, burned his clothes and stashed the knife in a garbage bin behind a local Waffle House.

“She killed me, so I killed her” Dunn was quoted by police.

He’s in the Dallas County Jail charged with murder.



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