Amazon Births A Litter of Kindles


Image representing Jeff Bezos as depicted in C...

If anyone is wondering why Apple would consider making that rumored “mini iPad” – likely to be announced in October – just consider that Jeff Bezos just dropped a load of Kindles, all sizes, capabilities and price points on the masses.  And will probably sell a ton of them.

The original Kindle will get some small upgrades and sell for the crazy low price of $69.

But newer, vastly improved versions called, “Paperwhite”, with superior pixel density and a touchscreen with a fiber-optic lighting system (you can read it in the dark!) and a battery life of up to eight weeks (!) will roll out in wifi and 3G versions for $119 and $179 respectively.

There are also new Kindle Fires, more of a tablet than a simple reader, the Fire is a very nice device that just got nicer.  Running a significantly modded version of Android, the Fire will come in two screen sizes (7 ands 8.9″) and have screen resolutions that qualify as HD.  Starting at $199 and ramping up to $599 for the maxxed out 4G LTE, 64 Gig version of the 8.9 inch – the Fires are devices consumers will have to give long consideration to.

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