What An Odd Time To Potty Train

Social Media had a burst of activity in the last week when a Utah woman posted a pic on Facebook of a mother potty training her daughters in the middle of a Utah restaurant.

Kimberly Decker was eating at the Thanksgiving Point Deli when she realized that a woman at a nearby table wasn’t just using potty training seats as boosters while the pair of toddlers sat at the table in the middle of the dining room.

“While we sat down to have lunch, I noticed this young Mother was potty training her two twin daughters at the table. It didn’t quite register at first what was happening, but when I took a second glance I realized this is NOT OK! I decided to snap a picture of the whole incident and then later that afternoon as a ‘joke’ I decided to post it on Facebook. I couldn’t believe the response I got.  She had to undo the jumpsuits, and take them all the way down so they were completely nude, with the jumpsuits down to their ankles just eating their chicken nuggets, sitting on little toddler potties,”

Facebook took the pic down, but not before it went viral and the restaurant reported several complaints.  The mother and her kids have not been identified.

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