Literally, Watch the Mars Landing. Really.

CURIOSITY ROVER - Now on planet Mars.

Seriously, I don’t care if you think space is gay.

This video should make your head hurt and whip your mind into a frenzy of “how in the hell do we pull this stuff off?”

This is the video of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing on the surface of Mars.  Yes.  Read that sentence again people.  This is a high-definition of the damn thing landing.  on the.  surface.  of … MARS!!!  This is actual images.. This is not a computer graphic simulation.

Plus you get to hear the excitement and relief in the voices and background noise of the NASA engineers and smarty-pants that pulled this off.

Millions of miles, crazy speeds, unknown potential mission ending obstacles, a decimal improperly placed in the code, a bolt that shakes loose in travel just enough that it doesn’t meet the needed spec to perform properly… take all of that and multiply it by 10 million – and you might begin to approach the difficulty level of what is achieved here.

Watch the video.  Be proud.  Be amazed.  We did this.

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