Meet Boxfish: An App With a Smart Idea

Boxfish is a new iPad application that will make your head hurt.  There are a growing number of “2nd screen applications”, but most distract you from TV, Boxfish pushes you to watch more.  Sorting thru the closed captioning feeds of every channel you can think of, Boxfish then presents that information in the form of trending topics and gives you the ability to search a name/topic/issue and find out where on your television it is being discussed.

So, if you want to know who is talking about the Mars Rover, you type in that keyword and Boxfish will present you with all of the channels on your service provider that is talking about the Mars Rover.  Talk show, documentary, John Stewart, etc.  It is pretty amazing.  Additionally, if your cable/sat/tv  DirecTV box is hooked up to your home’s wifi network, Boxfish will also give you the ability to tune directly to the channel showing the topic you are looking for.

But if you want to keep tabs on what is really trending on TV at that moment, Boxfish is your trick.  While I haven’t yet been able to use it during a “breaking news” situation, I think Boxfish will be a great tool to quickly dig up who’s on top of a story at the beginning of the news timeline.

The app will also alert you to when your search topics are suddenly on a channel, or scheduled later to appear.  If you have an interest in Megan Fox, you save that as a search term and Boxfish will not only tell you when she is the topic of a gossip show, but also when a movie she appears in will air on a certain channel.

The app is free and currently limited to the iPad.  Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad, there is a web version that you can see for yourself at that is 90% of what the app can do.  Boxfish claims that Android, Windows and iPhone versions are due soon.


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